Assembled Id Request

This form is for contributors who want to send data to be archived at the DMC and would like to be assigned an official ID number. Requesting an assembled data set is a different matter.

If this is a Passcal experiment, please fill in the form found here. If this is NOT a PIC experiment, please continue with the form below.

Once this form has been received, your assembled ID number will be assigned and you will be notified. Additionally, a temporary FDSN network code and a DOI will be created for your assembled data set.

If you have any questions about filling out this form, please contact us.

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What is an "assembled" data set

The NSF SAGE Facility distributes several pre-assembled data sets. Most of these data sets are from temporary deployments and in formats other than SEED. An assembled set is accompanied by a data report. We have assembled data from various sources including EarthScope PASSCAL (mostly active source), the USGS, and others.

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