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The DMC has updated the IRIS-WS library to version 2.0.9

This release includes an important user level change: the value returned by edu.iris.dmc.fdsn.station.model.Channel.getLocationCode(), used primarily for the StationService.fetch() functionality, will now be trimmed of all trailing spaces. The primary implication of this is that the Java interface will return an empty string for the location code if the raw station metadata contains only spaces. This now matches the behavior of the TraceData.fetchTraces() path where trailing spaces in the location were already trimmed. To be clear: if you are using the TraceData.fetchTraces() functionality, nothing has changed. However, if you are using the StationService.fetch() functionality, the location code value will no longer contain only spaces.

Note for users of the irisFetch.m MATLAB® interface: if you are using the irisFetch.Traces() functionality, nothing will change. If you are using the irisFetch.Channels() functionality, be aware that the LocationCode value will no longer contain only spaces.

Beyond trimming the spaces from location values, this update is backwards compatible with the previous version.

The following bug fixes are also included:

  1. Use the actual sample rate, when present, instead of the nominal rate to avoid generating time tears when re-creating a time series from miniSEED data records.
  2. Method List<Timeseries> load(InputStream inputStream) resulted in a NULL Pointer Exception. This is used mainly for loading StationXML files.
  3. Fixed Network description parsing. Previously, the description attribute was not populated correctly.
  4. Added a reference to root document information from the Network.class Network.getRootDocument(). This is to have a reference from the Network object to the parent Station message.

The following new functionality has been included:

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