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2021-08-16 14:14:23
Dear MUSTANG Users, We are happy to announce the release of MUSTANGular version 2.2, available at [ | ] . MUSTANGular is a web-based application that plots color-coded MUSTANG metric values on an interactive map. New improvements include: 1. 'Display single channel’ priority now includes location codes. When there are co-located station channels and the display is set to show one channel only, the user can priorit… [more]
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2021-08-11 17:41:37
Dear MUSTANG Users, We have updated the [ | noise-psd ] web service to change the y-axis label when plotting PSD values that do not have their instrument response removed (also known as uncorrected PSDs). This label previously read as "Power[10log10(m**2/Hz)][dB]", which has the appropriate units for PSD values that do have their instrument response removed (corrected PSDs). The label now reads as ''Power[10log10(cou… [more]
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