Data Services Newsletter

Volume 5 : No 3 : July 2003

VASE goes through some changes

The Visualization and Seismogram Extraction (VASE) tool is still evolving. (See the original article published earlier this year.) Some additions have been made:

VASE now supports multiple data servers
Figure 1: VASE now supports multiple data servers.

  • You can now download data through VASE via the BUD server or the POND (FARM data). This greatly expands the data available through VASE.
  • You can stream data through a socket. This option might be useful to those who wish to write their own processing applications.
  • You can choose to download all viewed seismograms as miniSEED volumes as soon as you view them. You still have the “Save as SAC” option as well.

Download a copy of VASE

by Chris Laughbon (IRIS Data Management Center)

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