Data Services Newsletter

Volume 14 : No 2 : Fall 2012

JWEED 4.0 Released

JWEED version 4.0 is now available from the IRIS-DMC. This new version of the popular program incorporates features from the JWEEDv3.x and Vase data access tools. It also replaces the use of the DHI with IRIS Web Services for greater speed and ease of use.

JWEED is a data acquistion tool which runs on your computer, connecting to IRIS-DMC’s data archive and letting you download seismograms onto your local computer. JWEED allows both easy and quick access to station waveform data or you can get earthquake waveforms by specifying events and phase arrivals to stations.

With JWEED, the result is waveforms you can view and save into various popular formats.

Screenshot of JWEED 4.0
Figure 1: Screenshot of the new JWEED interface. Note the new menu-driven controls.

What a user will first notice about JWEED 4.0 is the new look and feel of the user interface. We have gone to some effort to streamline the user experience and remove clutter by relegating detailed features to menu-driven controls.

The map on the first page reacts to user queries and selections for events and stations and a user can quickly get to data for recent events just by selecting the two query buttons without changing any other parameters. Of course, if you want to change event or station filters, it is very simple to bring up the popup tool to make these changes.

The plotting page provides many of the same features as the earlier JWEED, but sports a new plotting engine and a plot partitioning mechanism to conserve memory when lots of data are being looked at. Additionally, record section plots are supported when looking at event-oriented data.

For users of the DHI-oriented JWEED, please be aware that IRIS DMC will be shutting off DHI the first week of July, 2013, so we encourage you to begin making use of JWEED 4.0 and the updates to this tool that are sure to follow in regular succession.

You can register and download the JWEED installer from:

The online manual for JWEED can be found here:

by Chris Laughbon and Rob Casey (IRIS Data Management Center)

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