Data Services Newsletter

Volume 13 : No 2 : Summer 2011

VASE 2.9

Released May 2011

Announcing VASE version 2.9, available from IRIS DMC. You can get to the installer and online manual through the following links:


VASE is a Java-based client application designed for viewing and extracting seismic waveforms from the DHI waveform repositories.

New to VASE v2.9

  • Much improved plotting of waveform data. This is the major change with this release.
  • Downloads are now managed in segments. This allows for larger downloads without running out of memory.
  • Zoom screen:
    • You can enlarge the waveform as displayed or define a small segment and zoom only that portion.
  • Initial program banner. Vase displays an initial banner screen while loading the servers. This offers user feedback that the program is working while it waits for the servers to load.
  • New decoders:
    • CDSN
    • SRO
    • ASRO
    • RSTN
    • DWWSSN
    • floating point
  • Requires Java 1.6

by Chris Laughbon (IRIS Data Management Center)

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