The table below shows in reverse chronological order (most recent first) some milestones in the history of the Data Management Center. More details can be found in our newsletter .

Year Event Group
2014 IRIS Data Management System officially renamed Data Services -
2014 New Event page web application released to bridge between IRIS HQ RETM and IRIS Data Products WT
2013 New web applications released including Tools and Data Channels WT
2013 ADC installed at LLNL DM
2013 Quality Assurance Working Group (QAWG) formed QA
2013 External Data Product support updated DP
2013 Wilber3 released WT
2013 IRIS Data Services announces new teams: Web Team and Quality Assurance Team WT/QA
2013 FDSN Web Services released. More information » S
2012 IRIS Java Web Services Library released. MATLAB® interface for web services released. Release of 2 new services: virtual network definitions, travel time calculator. S
2012 Funding awarded to support external development of 3 products. Version 2.0 of SPUD is released. 16 data products in total managed at the DMC. DP
2012 Software Group is renamed to the Information Technology Section. Work begins on a new data quality assurance system to replace QUACK. A new Information Services Coordinator is added. IT
2011 Release of command-line client scripts. Release of 6 new services: event (earthquake), processed time series, station metadata, SAC Poles and Zeros, instrument response evaluation, Flinn-Engdahl region, distance-azimuth calculation. S
2011 New product archive and distribution system (SPUD ) is released. Funding awarded to support external development of 2 products. The Earth Model Collaboration product is released. 14 data products in total managed at the DMC, 5 developed internally, others contributed or supported. DP
2011 Web Services and Data Product Catalog staff move to the Products and Services Section headed by the Director of Projects. Software Group gains a Web Applications Developer N/A
2010 Second product specialist starts at the DMC. First data product released, USArray Ground Motion Visualizations. DP
2010 IRIS Software Engineers unveil IRIS Web Services IT/S
2009 Data Products Working Group formed and the Charge was developed. Product development group formed with the hiring of one product specialist and allocation of management and software engineer resources. DP
2009 Information Services Coordinator (Webmaster) position becomes integrated with the Software Group IT
2009 5 th generation of storage is purchased – the Isilon Systems RAID cluster with higher capacity disk trays, enabling disk storage for the doubling of distributed data seen anually DM
2006 IRIS participates in the EarthScope Portal project, combining USArray data with the SAFOD, PBO, and OBSIC program data in a co-operative effort. The Software Group begins developing a data product catalog system for USArray IT
2005 IRIS DMC hires a new Director of Software Engineering IT
2005 4 th generation of storage is purchased – RAID disk from Isilon Systems DM
2004 The USArray data pulse begins N/A
2002 Development of a real-time data quality assurance system called QUACK begins IT
2001 DMC software engineers release a CORBA-based data delivery service called DHI IT
2001 3 rd generation of tape storage, the StorageTek Powderhorn tape library, is put into production DM
2000 The Software Group expands and begins administration of a real-time data system called BUD IT
2000 Operations moves into Electronic Data Reception with the motivation to make it easier to ingest and manage, eliminating tape-based, latent, shipments DM
1998 IRIS DMC hires its first Director of Software Engineering, forming a new Software Group IT
1997 2 nd generation of tape storage, the StorageTek Wolfcreek robotic archive, partially donated by StorageTek, is purchased and put into production DM
1994 IRIS DMC hires its first Director of Operations, forming a new Operations Section DM
1991 IRIS DMC moves to Seattle’s current location, affiliated with the UW N/A
1988 BREQ_FAST (Batch, Request, Fast) developed DM
1988 IRIS Data Management Center is formed, preliminarily located in Austin, TX DM
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