This form will generate a properly-formatted BREQ_FAST email on your behalf. See the BREQ_FAST manual for details.

The full SEED format has been retired. See this article for more information.

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

Data Type and Label
If the dataless SEED option is selected, the include restricted data checkbox in Optional Extras below is unavailable.
Alphanumeric. No leading hypen. Only underscore (_) and hypen (-) special characters.
User Information
Region of interest

If you wish to subset your data request by a specific region of interest, use the tool below:

Data Selection

Optional extras:

Station Network Start time (UTC) End time (UTC) Channels Location Status
ex: ANMO ex: IU ex: 2010-01-10 08:23:45 ex: 2010-01-10 16:13:00 ex: BH? L?? ex: 00 ex: D

These fields are used to generate a BREQ_FAST request. See the manual for more on this format.

Field Notes
Station Any station code. A single * character will select all stations in a network.
Network Any network (or vnet) code (see MDA for a full list). A single * character will select all networks.
Start time Use the datepicker widget or define a start date and time in UTC.
End time Use the datepicker widget or define an end date and time in UTC.
Channels Multiple channels can be given, separated by a space. The ? character will wildcard a single character (eg. B?? will match BHN, but B? will not). The number of channels (required in BREQ_FAST) is automatically calculated.
Location Optionally define a location identifier. (Not all stations use them.)

This field dynamically updates if all prior fields in the row are completed (i.e. station, network, start time, end time, channels). It runs a background query to our Web Services to check on data availability. The following codes can be returned (with their meaning):

  • DData is available for this combination of query parameters
  • WRNWarning: data is available for this combination of query parameters, but the number of station channels with data exceeds 999 full SEED or dataless SEED requests will not be processed
  • NDNo Data available for this combination of query parameters
  • ERR — An Error was returned for this combination of query parameters
Field Notes
Include Synthetics The DMC archives and distributes synthetic seismograms from the Princeton University Global ShakeMovie project using the network code SY. If you wildcard the Network field your results by default will exclude synthetic data. Check the box to include SY results. More information »
Longest Only Limit results to the longest continuous segment per channel. True (checked) or False (unchecked). Default is False (unchecked).
Minimum Length Limit results to continuous data segments of a minimum length specified in seconds.
  1. Number of requests: You can make up to five (5) requests per submission. If you wish to make more than five (5) requests you will need to return to this page and resubmit the form. You will receive e-mail when your request has reached the DMC.
  2. List of Network Codes: Permanent Networks | Temporary Networks
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