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AutoDRM data formats provide a common format for data and data product exchange. The data formats all contain ASCII options that allow the exchange of information via email (even for waveforms). Waveforms in binary format may also be sent using the AutoDRM message format, but the transmission of data messages with binary information must be via FTP.

Detailed technical manual for the Networked Data Centers (NetDC) protocol.

pod is a program that was originally called output and was written by Mark Wiederspahn. Its function is to produce a SEED (Standard for the Exchange of Earthquake Data) volume from a set of waveform files, their associated station/channel descriptions and response information.

SAC (Seismic Analysis Code), previously SAC2000, is a general-purpose interactive program designed for the study of sequential signals, especially time-series data. Emphasis has been placed on analysis tools used by research seismologists in the detailed study of seismic events.

The TauP Toolkit is a seismic travel time calculator. In addition to travel times, it can calculate derivative information such as ray paths through the earth, pierce and turning points.

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