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In this issue the Data Products group showcase the new Earth Model Collaboration (EMC) 3D Visualizer. This compliments the current EMC’s 2D visualization tools and is an open-source Python desktop application. We also discuss the migration of relational database operations from Oracle to PostgreSQL using EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server platform (PPAS).

A recently developed event aggregator web-based tool is described, including how the application is linked across IRIS resources (both at Data Services and Education & Public Outreach pages).

The latest Data Product, a set of Global Empirical Green’s Tensors, illustrates how IRIS Data Services successfully collaborated with our community to build an enterprise-level product that is dynamically updated as new stations are deployed.

We also highlight the seismology community response to the tragic M7.8 April 25th Nepal earthquake. This includes a list of broadband Chinese (CB) network stations that are located close to the event.

Finally, we introduce Mick Van Fossen. He joined IRIS Data Services in April 2014 and is a software developer for the Web Services and Data Products groups. Mick has a long history of geophysical research and we welcome him to our community.

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