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As previously announced, the IRIS DMC will remove access to the QUACK Quality Assurance system on December 31, 2015. The new MUSTANG QA system is now running on all seismic networks entering the DMC and QA metrics should now be accessed through MUSTANG web services.

Users of QUACK should already be making a transition to using MUSTANG in order to gather quality control statistics, PDF plots, and other information as relates to IRIS data holdings. You can access MUSTANG using a web browser, command line tools, the IRISMustangMetrics package on CRAN, and clients like the MUSTANG Databrowser and LASSO.

Please explore the following URLs for more information:

In addition, IRIS DMC is developing a new web service, providing helicorder plot capabilities found in QUACK, which is expected to be ready for public release by the end of 2015. An announcement on this release will be presented in a separate email.

Thank you for your understanding as we make this transition in technologies.

-IRIS Data Services

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