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To support USArray TA infrasound data set, the IRIS Data Management Center (DMC) has developed two infrasound data products: the TA Infrasound Reference Event Database (TAIRED) and TA Infrasound Detections (TAID). These two data products are designed to provide insight and tools for researchers to begin working with this large, and somewhat unique, new data set.


The Transportable Array (TA) component of the USArray/EarthScope project is a rolling array of 400 broadband seismic stations deployed on a “uniform” grid with 70 km nominal spacing. In 2011 infrasound sensors were installed at some existing USArray TA sites and became a standard component of all new sites. Currently there are over 400 sites with infrasound sensors creating a large infrasound array that continuously samples the wavefield of atmospheric acoustic sources. Two infrasound data products that utilize these data are:

Infrasound Samples

  • TAIRED — a user-supported evolving infrasound event database that serves as a reference event depository where researchers can contribute new events, provide a new solution for an existing event and find sample infrasound events for their research. This database was initially populated based on observations made using USArray infrasound data, event bulletins, news on meteorological phenomena, explosions and rocket launches.
  • TAID — an automatic detection repository compiled by regularly scanning USArray Transportable Array broadband infrasound data (40 Hz BDF infrasound channel) and generating station-based weekly detection lists. These lists contain raw detections without event association or categorization that highlight time intervals that may contain infrasound signals of interest.

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  • Trabant, C., A. R. Hutko, M. Bahavar, R. Karstens, T. Ahern, and R. Aster (2012), Data Products at the IRIS DMC: Stepping Stones for Research and Other Applications, Seismological Research Letters, 83(5), 846–854,

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  • Manochehr Bahavar, IRIS DMC
  • The infrasound research community for their contributions and product review


Released the TA Infrasound Reference Event Database (TAIRED)
Released the TA Infrasound Detections (TAID)





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