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Infrasound product resources at the IRIS DMC
Manoch Bahavar, Chad Trabant, Alex Hutko, Rich Karstens
(December 2012)


In 2011 infrasound sensors were installed at some existing USArray Transportable Array (TA) sites and became a standard component of all new sites. Currently there are over 400 sites with infrasound sensors with an average spacing of 70 kilometers. To promote and facilitate the use of these data the IRIS Data Management Center has developed two new data products: an infrasound reference event database and an infrasound signal detector. The TA Infrasound Reference Event Database (TAIRED) is a user-supported database that contains information on events of interest for which there are associated USArray microbarograph recordings. This database is initially populated with a few events from observations on the USArray infrasound data, event bulletins, news on explosions, meteorological events and rocket launches. As a user-supported resource, we ask users to submit events of interest to be included in the database or submit their alternate solutions to the existing events. The second data product is an infrasound signal detector that regularly scans the USArray broadband infrasound data (BDF channel sampled at 40 Hz) and produces detections that highlight time intervals containing potential signals of interest. The detection product includes two components, standard signal-to-noise ratio based detections and spectral power based detections. No attempt is made to categorize detections or associate them to events. These data products join the growing collection of products produced and managed at the IRIS DMC, for the complete list please visit


Bahavar, M., C. Trabant, A.R. Hutko, and R. Karstens (2012) “Infrasound product resources at the IRIS DMC,” AGU 2012 Fall Meeting, Abastract # A53B-0150 Poster


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