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The Searchable Product Depository (SPUD) is the IRIS DMC's primary data product management system. Complementing the DMC's SEED and assembled data archives, which contain time series recordings, the SPUD system primarily contains derivative data products of other types (images, movies, etc.) created either at the DMC or by members of the community.

For users SPUD is the query and access point for these products. The web interfaces allow users to search for products using customized queries across product and event details. Users can search across all product types at once or within specific product types. SPUD also has web service interfaces for programmatic discovery and access to the data products.

If any products from SPUD are used in your research please be sure to cite the identified author of the product and the IRIS DMS [Citation Information].

About Infrasound Event products

The TA Infrasound Reference Event Database (TAIRED) is a user-supported evolving database that serves as a reference event depository where researchers can contribute new events, provide new solution for an existing event and find samples of infrasound events for their use. Two criteria are used to classify the events, event source and status: and status:

Two criteria are used to classify events in this database, event source and status level:

Events source includes the following types:

Status levels indicate the type of analysis that has gone into building the events:

The infrasound waveform data for all events contained in this database are available via the standard IRIS DMC data request tools, using the following information:

For more information visit the TAIRED product page

Citing Infrasound Event Products

If you use Infrasound products in publications, please cite:

Trabant, C., A. R. Hutko, M. Bahavar, R. Karstens, T. Ahern and R. Aster (2012), Data products at the IRIS DMC: stepping-stones for research and other application, Seismological Research Letters, 83(6), 846:854. doi: 10.1785/0220 120032

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Event IDEvent Time (UTC)DescriptionTypeLatitudeLongitudeAltitude (m)StatusAuthor
10722015-02-24 15:32:00Stafford Township gas explosion, NJ USAExplosion39.69-74.270 fNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10702014-10-28 22:22:00Antares rocket liftoff & explosion (+6 sec), Wallops, VirginiaRocket launch37.85-75.470 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10682014-09-15 02:57:00Fireball across Maryland, NortheastBolide40.92-78.30UnknownObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10662014-04-01 23:46:45M8.0 NEAR COAST OF NORTHERN CHILEBulletin event-19.63-70.86-10000ReviewedUSGS
10652014-03-22 17:37:30Mudslide down Skaglund Hill on the outskirts of Oso, WAMudslide48.27-121.92UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10632014-02-15 03:23:38M 4.1 WNW of Edgefield, South CarolinaBulletin event33.81-82.06-4800ReviewedNEIC
10692013-11-27 00:49:15Montreal meteor, ~40 km west of Montreal, CanadaBolide45.00-74.2025000ReviewedWayne Edwards, Natural Resources Canada
10612013-11-18 18:28:00Atlas 5/MAVEN launch, FloridaRocket launch28.58-80.580 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10602013-09-28 03:30:00Fireball in Midwest US, OhioBolide40.00-83.000 fObservedCatherine de Groot-Hedlin
10592013-09-18 14:58:00Cygnus spacecraft launch, Wallops, VirginiaRocket launch37.85-75.470 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10582013-09-18 08:10:00United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launch, FloridaRocket launch28.58-80.580 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10572013-09-10 01:18:00Meteor, Woodstock, AlabamaBolide33.20-87.15UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10562013-09-07 03:27:00LADEE Moon Mission, Wallops, VirginiaRocket launch37.85-75.470 fObservedHedlin, Michael
10552013-05-25 00:27:00Delta 4 rocket launch with WGS 5, FloridaRocket launch28.53-80.560 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10542013-04-25 01:30:00Fuel-Barge Multiple Explosions, Mobile AlabamaExplosion30.69-88.030 fNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10532013-04-21 21:00:02Antares rocket launch, Wallops, VirginiaRocket launch37.94-75.470 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10522013-04-18 00:50:38Texas Fertilizer Plant ExplosionExplosion31.82-97.090 ReviewedUSGS
10512013-02-15 03:20:00Meteor, Chelyabinsk, RussiaBolide55.1761.400Not VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10492012-11-20 15:20:00Natural gas explosion near Price, UtahExplosion39.60-110.810 fNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10482012-11-16 14:50:00US Gulf Oil Rig ExplosionExplosion29.10-90.000 fNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10472012-11-14 04:20:00Unknown sourceUnknown36.70-108.00UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10462012-11-14 04:10:00Unknown sourceUnknown34.89-87.72UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10452012-11-11 04:08:00Explosion in IndianapolisExplosion39.65-86.100 fNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10442012-11-04 22:15:00Unknown sourceUnknown28.44-102.51UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10392012-10-16 20:35:00Unknown Source Possibly at Camp Minden, LouisianaUnknown32.58-93.350 fNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10382012-10-16 04:25:00Explosion at Camp Minden, LouisianaExplosion32.58-93.350 fNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10402012-10-16 00:15:00Unknown sourceUnknown37.75-116.00UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10412012-10-08 07:21:00Unknown sourceUnknown36.33-87.35UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10372012-10-08 00:46:31Off east coast of United StatesBulletin event30.13-77.650 fReviewedISC
10372012-10-08 00:35:00SpaceX CRS-1: Falcon 9 rocket launch, FloridaRocket launch28.56-80.580 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10302012-10-04 12:10:00GPS IIF-3: Delta 4 rocket launch, FloridaRocket launch28.53-80.560 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10252012-09-19 19:40:00Unknown sourceUnknown30.08-83.68UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10242012-08-30 08:05:00Radiation Belt Storm Probes: Atlas 5 rocket launch, FloridaRocket launch28.58-80.580 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10352012-07-23 17:42:01ML 1.8 Utah, 66 km NW of TooeleMining41.00-112.780 fReviewedUSGS
10352012-07-23 17:42:00ML 3.0 UtahBulletin event41.24-113.090 fReviewedISC
10182012-06-29 16:30:00Midwest/Ohio Valley DerechoMeteorological41.85-87.650 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10152012-06-29 13:15:00Delta 4-Heavy rocket launch, FloridaRocket launch28.53-80.560 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10272012-06-26 19:19:05ML 1.7 Utah, 75 km W of OgdenMining41.11-112.850 fReviewedUSGS
10272012-06-26 19:19:01UtahBulletin event41.38-113.280 fReviewedISC
10312012-06-25 19:36:03ML 1.9 Utah, 69 km W of OgdenMining41.13-112.790 fReviewedUSGS
10312012-06-25 19:36:03UtahBulletin event41.07-112.860 fReviewedISC
10342012-06-25 17:44:34ML 1.4 Utah, 68 km W of OgdenMining41.12-112.780 fReviewedUSGS
10342012-06-25 17:44:34ML 1.7 UtahBulletin event41.15-112.880 fReviewedISC
10172012-06-21 22:00:00Unknown sourceUnknown33.22-82.14UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10142012-06-21 02:20:00Unknown sourceUnknown32.98-82.81UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10112012-06-20 12:28:00Atlas 5 rocket launch, FloridaRocket launch28.58-80.580 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10132012-06-20 02:10:00Unknown sourceUnknown35.67-82.81UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10122012-06-19 03:00:00Unknown sourceUnknown35.14-81.33UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10322012-06-11 18:05:10ML 1.7 Utah, 70 km NW of TooeleMining41.00-112.850 fReviewedUSGS
10322012-06-11 18:05:08ML 2.8 UtahBulletin event41.09-113.050 fReviewedISC
10012012-05-22 07:57:45Off east coast of United StatesBulletin event30.45-80.610 fReviewedISC
10012012-05-22 07:44:00SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch, FloridaRocket launch28.56-80.580 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10072012-05-17 08:12:01MW 4.9 Louisiana-Texas border regionBulletin event32.08-94.46-12000 fReviewedISC
10282012-05-04 18:42:00Secure war-time communications: Atlas 5 rocket launch, FloridaRocket launch28.58-80.580 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10282012-05-04 18:39:50Florida PeninsulaBulletin event26.90-80.830 fReviewedISC
10202012-03-15 12:25:00Sonic Boom over Savanah Georgia regionN-wave31.19-81.50UnknownObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10082012-02-09 06:30:00Unknown sourceUnknown37.04-94.29UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10102011-11-20 18:36:22Gulf of MexicoBulletin event23.69-93.570 fReviewedISC
10052011-11-06 03:53:10MW 5.7 OklahomaBulletin event35.54-96.75-5000ReviewedISC
10292011-11-05 07:12:45MW 5.0 OklahomaBulletin event35.55-96.76-3100ReviewedISC
10042011-10-29 23:59:00Explosion at a grain elevator in northeastern KansasExplosion39.56-95.120 fNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10062011-08-23 17:51:04MW 5.7 VirginiaBulletin event37.91-77.93-12000 fReviewedISC
10022011-08-05 16:25:00Juno Atlas 5 rocket launch, FloridaRocket launch28.58-80.580 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10222011-07-21 14:30:00Unknown sourceUnknown32.09-87.74UnknownNot VerifiedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10212011-07-21 09:43:00STS-135: Space Shuttle Atlantis final re-entry, FloridaRocket re-entry26.14-81.791600 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10362011-07-08 16:07:15GeorgiaBulletin event33.95-82.680 fReviewedISC
10162011-07-08 15:29:00STS-135: Space Shuttle Atlantis final launch, FloridaRocket launch28.61-80.600 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10262011-07-06 14:46:40Unknown source, New OrleansUnknown29.62-89.07UnknownNot VerifiedWalker (2012)
10232011-06-01 06:20:00STS-134: Space Shuttle Endeavour final re-entry, FloridaRocket re-entry26.14-81.791600 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10192011-05-16 13:02:15Off east coast of United StatesBulletin event30.64-79.670 fReviewedISC
10192011-05-16 12:56:00STS-134: Space Shuttle Endeavour final launch, FloridaRocket launch28.61-80.600 fObservedIRIS DMC TAIRED
10092011-04-04 22:30:00Tornado near-pass, southeast of Jackson, MSMeteorological32.03-89.900 fObservedVernon et al., 2012
10622007-08-01 20:01:002007-08-01 event recorded by ZO network (Utah 07)Unknown41.13-112.900 fNot VerifiedChris Hayward, SMU
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