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Derek Schutt
2016-11-30 07:42:29
Dear Listserv Administrators, Can you please post the following announcement to your groups? Thanks, Derek, Rick, and Sakia ---- Dear Colleagues, We are happy to announce the formation of a CIDER working group on the physical state of the mantle lithosphere and asthenosphere. A principal goal is to write a review paper that summarizes what is known about the composition and temperatures of this part of the Earth and to summarize the present state of knowledge on the effects of compositio… [more]
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Dear Colleagues, we would like to draw your intention to a new (intended as community-driven) www-service providing python-based Jupyter notebooks for training in seismology. The service can be accessed at (currently restricted to 50 users at a time). Jupyter notebooks (formerly known as ipython notebooks) are interactive documents combining simple word processing options with executable python (or other) code parts (see Shen, Nature, 515, 151–152, 2014). They a… [more]
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Forwarded on behalf of: Leslie Linn IRIS Consortium -------------------- IRIS Announces 2016 Slate of Board of Directors Candidates The IRIS Nominations Committee has announced the following candidates to fill open positions on the Board of Directors: One candidate to fill Chair position for a three-year term: Doug Wiens, Washington University in St. Louis Four candidates to fill two Director positions for three-year terms: Mark Panning, University of Florida Zhigang Peng, … [more]
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Hi all, the Marcus Langseth Oversight Committee (MLSOC) would like to request Letters of Interest to help our planning efforts. Please see the request below and thanks for your time in considering this matter. Best regards, Beatrice ---- M. Beatrice Magnani Associate Professor Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences Southern Methodist University Marcus Langseth Science Oversight Committee (MLSOC) Dr. Nathan Bangs, Chair University of Texas at Austin, Institute for… [more]
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