About SPUD

SPUD Version 3.0

The Searchable Product Depository (SPUD) is the IRIS DMC's primary data product management system. Complementing the DMC's SEED and assembled data archives, which contain time series recordings, the SPUD system primarily contains derivative data products of other types (images, movies, etc.) created either at the DMC or by members of the community.

For users SPUD is the query and access point for these products. The web interfaces allow users to search for products using customized queries across product and event details. Users can search across all product types at once or within specific product types. SPUD also has web service interfaces for programmatic discovery and access to the data products.

If any products from SPUD are used in your research please be sure to cite the identified author of the product and the IRIS DMS [Citation Information].

About Event Bulletins

Within the IRIS Data Management System some data collection and processing nodes perform picking of phase arrivals on seismograms as part of a their processing. These phase picks are usually associated with origin estimates from the ISC, USGS NEIC or regional network operators.

These data have also been added to the IRIS DMC's event tables and will eventually be available from other interfaces such as SeismiQuery and the DMC's ws-event web service.

These products are presented here in the same format in which they were submitted to the DMC. Usually this is the IASPEI Seismic Format (ISF) with DMC extensions, for more information on this format please visit http://www.iris.edu/data/event/isf_format.htm

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ContributorDateSubmit Time (UTC)Description
ANF USARRAY IMS.gz2018-07-012019-03-06 04:00:03ANF USARRAY IMS.gz Event Bulletin: 2018-07-01
ANF USARRAY IMS.gz2018-06-012019-01-08 16:00:03ANF USARRAY IMS.gz Event Bulletin: 2018-06-01
ANF2018-05-012018-07-31 23:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2018-05-01
ANF2018-04-012018-10-17 15:00:02ANF Event Bulletin: 2018-04-01
ANF2018-03-012018-07-25 03:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2018-03-01
ANF2018-02-012018-09-14 17:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2018-02-01
ANF2018-01-012018-07-25 03:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2018-01-01
ANF2017-12-012018-07-25 03:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-12-01
ANF2017-11-012018-07-25 03:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-11-01
ANF2017-10-012018-07-25 03:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-10-01
ANF2017-09-012018-07-25 03:00:05ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-09-01
ANF2017-08-012018-07-25 03:00:06ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-08-01
ANF2017-07-012018-07-25 03:00:06ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-07-01
ANF2017-06-012018-07-25 03:00:07ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-06-01
ANF2017-05-012018-07-25 03:00:08ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-05-01
ANF2017-04-012018-07-25 03:00:08ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-04-01
ANF2017-03-012018-07-25 03:00:09ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-03-01
ANF2017-02-022018-07-25 03:00:09ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-02-02
ANF2017-02-012018-06-21 03:00:44ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-02-01
ANF2017-01-012018-07-25 03:00:10ANF Event Bulletin: 2017-01-01
ANF2016-12-012018-06-21 03:00:42ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-12-01
ANF2016-11-022018-06-20 21:00:11ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-11-02
ANF2016-11-012018-06-21 03:00:16ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-11-01
ANF2016-10-022018-02-21 00:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-10-02
ANF2016-10-012018-07-25 03:00:10ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-10-01
ANF2016-09-012018-06-21 03:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-09-01
ANF2016-08-052018-02-23 04:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-08-05
ANF2016-08-012018-07-25 03:00:10ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-08-01
ANF2016-07-022018-06-20 21:00:08ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-07-02
ANF2016-07-012018-06-21 03:00:07ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-07-01
ANF2016-06-012018-06-21 03:00:08ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-06-01
ANF2016-05-012018-06-21 03:00:10ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-05-01
ANF2016-04-022018-02-23 20:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-04-02
ANF2016-04-012018-07-25 03:00:11ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-04-01
ANF CEUSN IMS.1.gz2016-03-012019-04-02 21:00:03ANF CEUSN IMS.1.gz Event Bulletin: 2016-03-01
ANF2016-03-012018-06-21 03:00:12ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-03-01
ANF2016-02-022018-01-12 00:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-02-02
ANF CEUSN IMS.2.gz2016-02-012019-04-02 21:00:02ANF CEUSN IMS.2.gz Event Bulletin: 2016-02-01
ANF2016-02-012018-06-21 03:00:13ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-02-01
ANF CEUSN IMS.gz2016-01-012019-04-29 21:00:02ANF CEUSN IMS.gz Event Bulletin: 2016-01-01
ANF2016-01-012018-06-21 03:00:14ANF Event Bulletin: 2016-01-01
ANF2015-12-012018-07-25 03:00:11ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-12-01
ANF2015-11-012018-07-25 03:00:11ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-11-01
ANF2015-10-012018-07-25 03:00:11ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-10-01
ANF2015-09-012018-07-25 03:00:12ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-09-01
ANF2015-08-012018-07-25 03:00:12ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-08-01
ANF2015-07-012018-07-25 03:00:12ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-07-01
ANF2015-06-012018-07-25 03:00:13ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-06-01
ANF2015-05-012018-07-25 03:00:13ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-05-01
ANF2015-04-012018-07-25 03:00:13ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-04-01
ANF2015-03-012018-07-25 03:00:13ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-03-01
ANF2015-02-012018-07-25 03:00:13ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-02-01
ANF2015-01-012018-07-25 03:00:14ANF Event Bulletin: 2015-01-01
ANF2014-12-012018-07-25 03:00:14ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-12-01
ANF2014-11-012018-07-25 03:00:14ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-11-01
ANF2014-10-012018-07-25 03:00:14ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-10-01
ANF2014-09-012018-07-25 03:00:14ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-09-01
ANF2014-08-012018-07-25 03:00:15ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-08-01
ANF2014-07-012018-07-25 03:00:15ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-07-01
ANF2014-06-012018-07-25 03:00:15ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-06-01
ANF2014-05-012018-07-25 03:00:15ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-05-01
ANF2014-04-012018-07-25 03:00:15ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-04-01
ANF2014-03-022018-07-25 03:00:16ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-03-02
ANF2014-03-012018-06-21 03:00:38ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-03-01
ANF2014-02-012018-07-25 03:00:16ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-02-01
ANF2014-01-272018-07-25 03:00:16ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-01-27
ANF2014-01-012018-06-21 03:00:41ANF Event Bulletin: 2014-01-01
ANF2013-12-012018-07-25 03:00:16ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-12-01
ANF2013-11-092018-07-25 03:00:16ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-11-09
ANF2013-11-012018-06-19 17:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-11-01
ANF2013-10-012016-10-12 21:00:08ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-10-01
ANF2013-09-012016-08-30 17:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-09-01
ANF2013-08-012016-10-12 19:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-08-01
ANF2013-07-012016-10-12 15:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-07-01
ANF2013-06-012016-10-10 21:00:16ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-06-01
ANF2013-05-012016-10-10 21:00:05ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-05-01
ANF2013-04-012016-10-10 21:00:11ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-04-01
ANF2013-03-012016-10-10 21:00:14ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-03-01
ANF2013-02-012016-10-06 21:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-02-01
ANF2013-01-012016-10-06 21:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2013-01-01
ANF2012-12-012013-06-29 03:00:16ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-12-01
ANF2012-11-012013-09-17 17:00:08ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-11-01
ANF2012-10-012016-11-03 03:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-10-01
ANF2012-09-012016-11-02 19:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-09-01
ANF2012-08-012016-10-31 07:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-08-01
ANF2012-07-012016-10-30 19:00:06ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-07-01
ANF2012-06-012016-10-26 17:00:07ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-06-01
ANF2012-05-012016-10-26 17:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-05-01
ANF2012-04-012016-10-24 19:00:06ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-04-01
ANF2012-03-012016-10-18 23:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-03-01
ANF2012-02-012016-10-18 19:00:06ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-02-01
ANF2012-01-012016-11-22 22:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2012-01-01
ANF2011-12-012016-11-18 04:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2011-12-01
ANF2011-11-012012-08-29 19:00:11ANF Event Bulletin: 2011-11-01
ANF2011-10-012016-11-18 04:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2011-10-01
ANF2011-09-012016-11-15 18:00:04ANF Event Bulletin: 2011-09-01
ANF2011-08-312012-08-01 09:21:56ANF Event Bulletin: 2011-09-01
ANF2011-08-012016-11-14 18:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2011-08-01
ANF2011-07-312012-08-01 09:21:59ANF Event Bulletin: 2011-08-01
ANF2011-07-012016-11-11 08:00:03ANF Event Bulletin: 2011-07-01
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