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The Searchable Product Depository (SPUD) is the IRIS DMC's primary data product management system. Complementing the DMC's SEED and assembled data archives, which contain time series recordings, the SPUD system primarily contains derivative data products of other types (images, movies, etc.) created either at the DMC or by members of the community.

For users SPUD is the query and access point for these products. The web interfaces allow users to search for products using customized queries across product and event details. Users can search across all product types at once or within specific product types. SPUD also has web service interfaces for programmatic discovery and access to the data products.

If any products from SPUD are used in your research please be sure to cite the identified author of the product and the IRIS DMS [Citation Information].

About Earth Models

The Earth models presented here are contributed to the IRIS Earth Model Collaboration (EMC) by various researchers.

Two general types of model are available for download:

  • Tomography Models:
    The contributed Earth models in their original format and in a common netCDF (network Common Data Form). A model overview page provides a summary of the model.

  • Reference Models:
    Most EMC Earth models are expressed as perturbations relative to a particular reference 1-D model. These reference models are available for download in expanded comma separated value (CSV) file format with the first two lines representing the file’s header.

For model visualization and additional information about the models visit the IRIS EMC Product Page.

Citing Earth Model Products

If you use Earth Models in publications, please cite according to the instructions at:


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TypeModel NameTitleReference
3D TomographyWUS-CAMH-20153D shear-wave velocity model of the western United States Chai et al. (2015)
shear wave velocitiesOIINK_VS_modelShear velocity structure beneath the central United States Chen, Gilbert, Andronicos, Hamburger, Larson, Marshak, Pavlis, and Yan (2016),
3D TomographyUS.20163D shear-wave velocity model of the US Shen and Ritzwoller (2016)
3-D tomography Earth ModelUS-Crust-Upper-mantle-Vs.Porter.Liu.Holt.2015 Lithospheric records of orogeny within the continental U.S. Porter, R., Y. Liu, and W. E. Holt (2016)
3-D tomography Earth ModelUS-CrustVs-2015Crust thickness and Crust and Uppermost mantle Vs model for the contiguous U.S. Schmandt, Lin, & Karlstrom (2015)
Crustal thicknessesCrustal_Thickness_ErrorCrustal thickness values within the western United States derived from receiver function observations Gilbert, 2012
3-D Tomography Earth ModelSPaniA global joint model of radially anisotropic P- and S-wave velocity heterogeneity Tesoniero, Auer, Boschi, and Cammarano (2015)
3D Tomography Earth ModelTW-PS-H143D P-wave and S-wave velocity model of Taiwan from joint inversion of P-wave and S-wave travel times, strong motion S-P times, and borehole logging data. Huang et al. (2014)
3D Tomography Earth ModelYS-P-H153D P-wave velocity model of Yellowstone from joint inversion of local earthquake and teleseismic travel-time data Huang et al. (2015)
3-D Electrical Resistivity Earth ModelMCR.MT.Yang-et.al.2015.resistivity3D electrical resistivity model of the Midcontinent Rift from magnetotelluric data inversion Yang, Kelbert, and Egbert (2015)
3D TomographyLLNL-G3Dv3A global P wave tomography model based on regional and teleseismic travel times Simmons, Myers, Johannesson & Matzel (2012)
3D Q ModelQRLW8A global upper mantle shear attenuation model Gung and Romanowicz (2004)
3D Tomography3D2015_10SvGlobal SV wave upper mantle model updated until October 2015 Debayle, E., F. Dubuffet, and S. Durand (2016)
3D Tomography Earth ModelAPVC.ANT+RF.Ward.20143D shear-wave velocity model of the Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Complex (APVC) from the joint inversion of ambient noise tomography and receiver functions Ward, Zandt, Beck, Christensen, and McFarlin (2014)
3D Tomography Earth ModelAndes.ANT.Ward.20133D shear-wave velocity model of the Central Andes from ambient noise tomography Ward, Zandt, Beck, Porter, Wagner, Minaya and Tavera (2013)
3D Tomography Earth ModelS362ANI+M This model is an update to S362ANI and S362WMANI representing an anisotropic shear velocity model of the Earth’s mantle using normal modes, body waves, surface waves and long-period waveforms. Moulik & Ekstrom, 2014
3D Tomography Earth ModelUS-SL-2014P and S teleseismic body-wave tomography of the mantle beneath the United States Schmandt & Lin, 2014
3D Tomography Earth ModelTaiwan.TTT.KWR.20123D P-wave velocity model of Taiwan from travel-time tomography Kuo-Chen et. al., 2012
3D Tomography Earth ModelCASCADE.ANT.GAO-SHEN.20143D shear-wave velocity model of the Cascades from full-wave ambient noise tomography Gao and Shen (2014)
3D full-waveform Earth ModelSAWum-NA2A high-resolution North American shear velocity model of upper mantle Yuan and Romanowicz (2011)
3D full-waveform Earth ModelSEMumA high-resolution global shear velocity model of upper mantle Lekic and Romanowicz (2011)
3D TomographywUS-SH-2010P and S teleseismic body-wave tomography of the western United States Schmandt and Humphreys (2010)
3D TomographyS2.9EAA global model with higher resolution in the upper mantle beneath Eurasia calculated using STW105 as the 1-D reference model. Kustowski, Ekstrom and Dziewonski (2008A)
3D TomographyS362WMANIA global model of shear-wave velocities Kustowski, Ekstrom and Dziewonski (2008)
3D TomographyS362ANIA global model of shear-wave velocities Kustowski, Ekstrom and Dziewonski (2008)
3-D Regional Electrical Conductivity ModelSRPY-MTRegional 3-D electrical conductivity model of Snake River Plain / Yellowstone, USA based on magnetotelluric data Kelbert, Egbert, and deGroot-Hedlin (2012)
3D TomographyTX2011A global mantle shear-wave tomography model Grand (2002)
3D TomographyTX2000A global mantle shear-wave tomography Grand (2002)
3D TomographySAW642ANGlobal radially anisotropic mantle S velocity Panning and Romanowicz (2006)
3D TomographySAW642ANbGlobal radially anisotropic mantle S velocity Panning, Lekic and Romanowicz (2010)
3D TomographySAW24B16A global shear velocity structure of the mantle Megnin and Romanowicz (2000)
3D TomographyNWUS11-S3D S-wave tomography model for NW United States James,Fouch, Carlson & Roth. (2011)
3D TomographyNWUS11-P3D P-wave tomography model for NW United States James, Fouch, Carlson & Roth (2011)
3D TomographyNA07N. American upper mantle surface wave tomography Bedle and van der Lee (2009)
3D TomographyNA04N. American upper mantle surface wave tomography van der Lee and Frederiksen (2005)
3D TomographyHMSL-S06A global shear velocity model of the mantle HouserMasters, Shearer & Laske (2008)
3D TomographyHMSL-P06A global compressional velocity model of the mantle HouserMasters, Shearer & Laske (2008)
3D TomographyGyPSuMA global 3-D model of mantle shear wave (S) and compressional (P) speeds Simmons, Forte, Boschi & Grand (2010)
3D TomographyDNA13P- and S-velocity models for the western US integrating body- and surface-wave constraints Porritt, Allen, & Pollitz (2014)
3D TomographyDNA10-S3D S-wave tomography Earth model Obrebski, Allen, Pollitz & Hung (2011)
3D TomographyDNA093D P- & S-velocity tomography Earth model Obrebski, Allen, Xue & Hung (2010)
1D ReferenceSTW105A 1D Reference Earth Model Kustowski, Ekstrom and Dziewonski (2008)
1D ReferenceMC35A 1D modified PEM-C S velocity model van der Lee and Nolet (1997)
1D ReferenceTNA/SNAAverage of the TNA and SNA models Grand and Helmberger (1984)
1D ReferencePEMParametric Earth Models (PEM) Dziewonski, Hales and Lapwood (1975)
1D ReferenceIASP91iasp91 velocity model Kennett and Engdahl (1991)
1D ReferenceAK135-Fak135-F spherical average model Kennett, Engdahl & Buland (1995); Montagner & Kennett (1996)
1D ReferencePREMPreliminary Reference Earth Model (PREM) Dziewonski and Anderson (1981)
3D TomographyPNW10-S3D S-wave tomography Earth model for the Cascadia Subduction Zone Porritt, Allen, Boyarko & Brudzinski (2011)
1D ReferencePREM500Modified PREM (Preliminary Reference Earth Model) Panning and Romanowicz (2006)
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