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Volume 11 : No 1 : Spring 2009

Mt. Redoubt Eruption - March 2009

Aerial photo of Mt Redoubt
Figure 1: Aerial photo of Mt Redoubt, Alaska.
Photo courtesy of Game McGimsey, AVO/USGS (April 04, 2009)

There are now 7 real-time stations coming in from Mt Redoubt into the DMC. Stations can be accessed via the IRIS DMC Metadata Aggregator at

  • RDE Redoubt Volcano East, Alaska
  • RDJH Redoubt, Jurgen’s Hut, Redoubt Alaska
  • RDN Redoubt North, Redoubt, Alaska
  • RDT Redoubt, Alaska
  • RED Redoubt Volcano, Alaska
  • REF Redoubt East Flank, Redoubt Volcano, Alaska
  • RSO Redoubt South, Alaska (note: RSO is no longer functioning)

Webicorders for each station are available using the MetaData Aggregator, for example for station RED, here is a sample webicorder plot for channel EHZ: RED.AV..EHZ

For station NCT, channel EHZ here is a sample: NCT.AV..EHZ

Mt Redoubt is close to Anchorage, so when there is an eruption then it can be a big problem for flight traffic. The volcano requires close monitoring by the USGS. Redoubt Volcano Eruption Information.

h2 Network map of AV – Alaska Volcano Observatory

Note the close proximity of Mt. Redoubt to the city of Anchorage. The cluster of stations north of Redoubt is Mt. Spurr, last showing activity in 1992. AV Network map

Network map of AV
Figure 2: Network map for the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AV) focusing on Mt Redoubt, Alaska

by Rick Benson and Tim Knight (IRIS Data Management Center)

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