Data Services Newsletter

Volume 12 : No 1 : Spring/Summer 2010

JWEED 3.2 Released

Announcing JWEED version 3.2, available for download from IRIS DMC. You can get to the JWeed installer, movie tutorial, and online manuals through the following links:


JWeed is a Java client that allows seamless access to events, stations, and waveforms from any institution that implements Data Handling Interface (DHI) services. Using WMS mapping tools, a user can find desired earthquakes, locate responding stations, and download event-oriented waveforms directly to their computer. Data can be plotted on screen and saved to SAC, miniSEED, and ASCII data files. Station response information can also be accessed through this tool. This tool can also be used to generate and email BREQ_FAST and NetDC requests using earthquake travel time windows.

JWEEDv3.2 changes

Release 3.2 is an upgrade with some bug fixes and a few enhancements and additions.

  • When downloading seismograms, JWEED will re-connect if the servers goes down or there is a connection problem.
  • Much more extensive help screens. Each screen has help available for viewing in a popup window.
  • IRIS_DataCenter, IRIS_EventDC and the IRIS_NetworkDC are the default server selections.
  • Event screen has a selection area for Contributors.
  • You can now add one or more events manually with a new screen in the Event pane. This will enable the entry of custom events into JWEED
  • The Email request pane was changed to be more clear as to how to send the email to the various institutions.
  • The Seismogram display screen has been changed to allow more flexibility in the segmenting of seismograms. Previous version had you selecting a start and and ending point in each seismogram. JWEEDv3.2, while still allowing this functionality also goes further. You can now group seismograms by network, station, channel, or location. This allows with one click to define a starting point for the indicated grouping. The same for end points. In addition, you can enter a default end time. Then with a click to define the starting time, JWEED puts in the default for the end point.
  • JWEED has an added file output type called Simple ASCII

by Chris Laughbon and Rob Casey (IRIS Data Management Center)

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