Data Services Newsletter

Volume 8 : No 2 : June 2006

JWEED 2.9.8 Released

Announcing JWEED version 2.9.8, available for download from IRIS DMC. You can get to the JWEED installer and online manuals through the IRIS Software and Manuals web page:

Screenshot of JWEED 2.9.8
Figure 1: Screenshot of JWEED 2.9.8


JWEED is the Java version of our popular event-related request tool WEED. JWEED is a Java program which can run on all major platforms that support Java.

Using JWEED a person can obtain waveforms from any institution which implements Data Handling Interface (DHI) services. Using a map graphic and selection tools, a user can find desired earthquakes, locate responding stations, and download waveforms directly to their computer. Waveforms can be viewed on screen and saved to data files.

Revision Notes

  1. Source code bundled in distribution with attached LGPL license agreement.
  2. Allows for small screen sizes. You can modify the frame size now for the server and the map pages. These being rather large sometimes presented problems for laptops and people wanting smaller sizes.
  3. Now always fetches the gain value for a channel, due to speed optimizations on the associated IRIS DHI server.
  4. On the Servers screen, auto-selects both Network server and Event server when a Seismogram server is selected.
  5. Station and event file processing now supports all white space delimiters.

More information

by Chris Laughbon (IRIS Data Management Center)

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