Data Services Newsletter

Volume 6 : No 2 : June 2004

Announcing JWEED: A map-based seismogram request tool

JWEED is a map-based seismogram request tool. This is a complete re-write of the old WEED using Java.

Screenshot of JWEED map interface
Figure 1: Screenshot of JWEED map interface.

Using a map to specify locations and areas you can query for events and stations. (You can also use just the parameters you set, ignoring the map function if you wish.) JWEED will calculate phase arrival times allowing for retrieval of data at the specified arrival.

JWEED is platform-independent and allows the user to access information from remote data centers, using the Data Handling Interface (DHI), and from local file sources that the user has generated and downloaded. Station and Event information can come not only from IRIS DMC, but from other participating data centers as well. You can email the data request to the DMC (via breq_fast or NetDC) for later ftp pickup or you can retrieve the data directly using the Data Handling Inerface (DHI), viewing and/or saving the waveforms to your computer in SAC or miniSEED format.

Screenshot of JWEED waveforms
Figure 2: Screenshot of JWEED waveforms interface

There is a beta version of JWEED (v 1.5) available for download.

by Rob Casey and Chris Laughbon (IRIS Data Management Center)

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