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A highlight of the IRIS DMC Data Products [SSA 2014]
M. Bahavar, A. Hutko, C. Trabant
(May 2014)


Since 2009 IRIS Data Management Center (DMC) data products have served the seismology community in a variety of ways with data derived products and tools to facilitate research. We are expanding our products beyond those derived from traditional seismic data and highlight three new products.

The Noise Toolkit product, available soon, is based on hourly power spectra calculated for broadband (BH) channels at hundreds of global stations. The Noise Toolkit includes polarization attributes of noise, which can help gain insight into the propagation mode of ambient noise. It also measures microseism energy in variable length time windows, making it ripe for data mining and other applications such as ‘weather maps’ of seismic noise.

The TA Infrasound Reference Event Database (TAIRED) is a user-supported evolving infrasound event database that serves as a reference event depository where researchers can contribute new events, provide alternate solutions for existing natural and man made seismoacoustic sources and find sample infrasound events for their research.

Finally, we are working with the AxiSEM project on a large, multi-terabyte database of 2D axisymmetric SEM Green’s functions. We will couple this database with a processing system allowing customizable, on-demand synthetic seismograms. Synthetics will be available for any source-receiver geometry and include attenuation, anisotropy and any source type (e.g. GCMT, point-source, user-uploaded source-time function). These synthetic seismograms will be available via a web service; we will also provide simple and intuitive command line clients to make access easy.


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