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EMC serves as a repository of Earth models with the aim of providing the research community with access to various Earth models, visualization tools for model preview, facilities to extract model data/metadata and access to the contributed processing software and scripts.

The contributed Earth models are available for download from the model overview pages (see the Reference Models and Earth Models links below) or via IRIS’ Searchable Product Depository (SPUD). Models could be downloaded in their original format and/or in a common netCDF (network Common Data Form) format that is compatible with all EMC visualization tools. The Earth model overview pages provide a summary of all contributed models and link to their metadata and description pages.

EMC Earth Model Links

EMC also provides a set of Visualization Tools that are based on the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) plotting package and allow users to produce a variety of horizontal slices, vertical slices and velocity profiles from the Earth models. Users can further refine these plots by clicking and downloading the corresponding visualization bundle.

EMC Visualization Tools

For additional information on EMC, including a guide on how to contribute Earth model to this repository, visit the EMC Reference Links below.:

EMC Reference Links

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To cite the IRIS Earth Model Collaboration (EMC) data product or reference use of its repository:

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  • The research community for Earth model contributions and product review
  • Manochehr Bahavar, IRIS DMC


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