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EarthScope: Cyberinfrastructure to Access USArray Data Products and Services
Tim Ahern, Rick Benson, Manoch Bahavar, Alex Hutko, Celso Reyes, Yazan Suleiman Chad Trabant, Bruce Weertman
(December 2013)


Motivated by the need to improve efficiency in the way earth scientists access information, IRIS has developed significant new cyberinfrastructure to allow access to all time series data at the IRIS DMC including the wealth of new observations generated as a part of EarthScope. Driven specifically by the USArray component of EarthScope, IRIS Data Services has also actively developed a wealth of new higher level products that serve as stepping stones to further research. These products are available either through the SPUD product management system or directly through web services.

This presentation will highlight ways that web services simplify access to the time series information at the IRIS DMC, allow simple incorporation of data into scientist’s workflows, provide limited preprocessing of data, as well as providing access to higher level products that can bridge the gap between disciplines as well as assisting seismologists in data selection.

IRIS is actively promoting these web services techniques in other high profile projects sponsored by the National Science Foundation including both Cooperation between Europe and the United States (COOPEUS) project as well as within the NSF promoted EarthCube project. In both of these activities it is IRIS’ goal to assist in the integration of data between earth science disciplines by leveraging the experience we have gained in our web service activities.

Additionally IRIS will leverage web services to better provide research ready data sets. Such data sets will enable researchers to request data that are suitable for use in their specific research studies by comparing data quality attributes of the data to those that the researcher specifies are required in their work.


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