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Active Message Threads for June 2021

Dear Colleagues, I would like to draw your attention to our AGU 2021 session DI010 - Interdisciplinary studies of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system ( In this session, we focus on the study of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system and welcome contributions on this topic using methodologies including but not limited to seismic and electromagnetic imaging, geochemical modeling, mineral physics, and thermal-mechanical modeling. Interdisc… [more]
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Justin Estep
2021-06-29 00:50:43 - 2021-06-29 16:25:54
Greetings colleagues, We seek your participation in our AGU 2021 Fall Meeting interdisciplinary session focused on the inputs, outputs, and related processes in subduction zones. Please consider submitting your abstract to our session and joining us either in person or virtually at the AGU 2021 Fall Meeting in New Orleans. T003. Connecting the Ins and Outs of Subduction Zones: Experiments, Models, and Observations as Constraints for Inputs, Processes, and Outputs **Invited speakers** … [more]
Dear Colleagues, We would like to draw your attention to our AGU session: "V013. Multidisciplinary Imaging of Magmatic and Hydrothermal Architecture." A key goal of volcanology and eruption forecasting is developing process-based volcanic models, rooted in the unified understanding of magmatic system storage and evolution, that are broadly applicable and self-consistent across multiple observation types. For this session, we seek presentations that highlight the value of multiparametric inves… [more]
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