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Active Message Threads for June 2023

Dear colleagues, we would like to draw your attention to an upcoming session at the AGU 2023 Fall Meeting, scheduled to take place in San Francisco from December 11th to 15th, 2023. The session is titled "*The Contribution of Geophysical Prospecting to the Characterization of Seismic Site Conditions for Seismic Hazard Assessment “ (S031) * * <> * The deadline for all submissions i… [more]
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Dear Colleagues, We encourage you to consider submitting to a special AGU23 Union session focusing on impacts and implications of the February 6 earthquakes. Sincerely, Mike Blanpied Associate Coordinator, USGS Earthquake Hazards Program U013 - The Türkiye Earthquake Sequence of February 2023: Human and Engineering Impacts, Scientific Findings, and Implications for Earthquake Risk and Risk Mitigation Strategies in the United States and Elsewhere.… [more]
Dear colleagues We would like to draw you attention and encourage submission to AGU23 Session S011: Earthquake Monitoring: Recent Developments and Challenges in Network Seismology and Geodesy Abstract: Seismic are geodetic monitoring, such as that undertaken by the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) and other international monitoring networks, are essential to earthquake and volcano hazard mitigation and response. The data… [more]
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Dear Colleagues We would like to draw your attention to the AGU23 Fall Meeting and to our session entitled: Green Geophysical and Structural Geology Tools in Mineral Systems Research: Improving Sustainable Exploration <> This session aims to relate local mineral deposits to crustal tectonic processes that trigger economic concentrations of critical raw materials. Contributions on structural control, quantitative geological data, and/or s… [more]
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