Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) is a potentially transformative technology in the geosciences and engineering. The rapidly increasing interest in DAS arises from its use in continuous arrays that can be kilometers in length while providing spatial resolution of meters and frequency response from millihertz to kilohertz. This mailing list provides a forum for discussion on all topics related to DAS technology including: applications, installation, data acquisition, handling and processing of data, engineering and scientific technical development, and advertisement of upcoming events, workshops, meetings, or other opportunities in the DAS community.

For more information on the Distribution Acoustic Sensing Research Coordination Network, please go to: https://www.iris.edu/hq/initiatives/das_rcn

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Active Message Threads for April 2022

Dear DAS RCN participants, Energy Technologies and CO2 Monitoring working group will restart its activity this Friday (4/22/22) at 11 am Mountain Time (MST). The primary group focus is on DAS applications for CO2 sequestration monitoring and the adoption of fiber-optic sensing oil & gas technologies for geothermal. 11:00 am -- 11:15 am MST - Working group updates and plans for this year 11:15 am -- 11:45 am MST - Dr. Marie Macquet will present "Overview of the CMC Field Research Station, focu… [more]
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Hello DAS Mailing List, Steering Committee Members, and Working Group leads, The next DAS RCN Community Forum - Community Resources/Facilities will be held April 14th from 11 am – 12pm Eastern Time. Please register at the following link and please use the email address associated with your Zoom account: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMtde2srTsiHNN_9S1CWreRLtNYTiCnot32. You will be sent the Zoom Meeting link upon approval for security and to limit potential disruptions. Please do not share … [more]
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The joint IRIS and DAS RCN webinar "Seafloor Fiber Optic Sensing" was held on March 30, 2022 and a recording is now available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS4dtG-12Q4. Thank you again to our presenters Léa Bouffaut, Ethan Williams, William Wilcock, Han Xiao, Pierre Mertz, Mikael Mazur, our moderators Meagan Wengrove and Nate Lindsey, and our hosts Justin Sweet, Krystin Poitra, and Herb Wang. If you are interested in future DAS RCN events, please go to the website: https://www.iris.edu/… [more]
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