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Get help finding and requesting data. If you can’t find the data you’re looking for, or don’t know the best tool to use, ask here.

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Active Message Threads for November 2020

Cian Jochem
2020-11-03 17:04:22 - 2020-11-06 16:30:06
Dear IRIS Team, I apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge. I’m a student of Visual Communication at the Basel School of Design. For a data visualization project on seismic waves and earthquakes I’m searching for an real time dataset similar to the data I’ve found on your jAmaseis Software. I want to use the data in an JavaScript environment like Processing or p5.js to visualize the data. Therefore I need a way to fetch the data Fetch API or AJAX as an JSON or XML format. Is there an… [more]
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