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Get help finding and requesting data. If you can’t find the data you’re looking for, or don’t know the best tool to use, ask here.

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Active Message Threads for July 2022

Cleir Araujo Junior
2022-07-13 22:56:29 - 2022-07-25 19:38:57
Hi, is there some way natively to exchange messages (request data) between DMC client and RingServer using cryptography? Thanks in advance!
Colleen Dalton
2022-07-11 14:47:23
Hello! Can anyone help me understand why command #1 below works and command #2 gives an error? The only difference between them is the minimum latitude. Thank you! Colleen ________________________________ Colleen Dalton, Associate Professor Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences - Brown University email: 1.) s = irisFetch.Stations('channel','_US-TA','*','*','BHZ','MinimumLatitude',60,'MaximumLatitude',72,'MinimumLongitude',-170,'MaximumLongitude',-123.00,'startT… [more]
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