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Active Message Threads for October 2019

Please join us for an hour-long virtual breakout session to learn about and discuss geomagnetic hazards, related science objectives, and instrumentation/methods used to study these hazards. When: Friday, November 1st @ 3 pm ET Host: Anna Kelbert, U.S. Geological Survey, Geomagnetism Program Invited speakers: Christopher Balch, NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center Jeffrey Love, U.S. Geological Survey, Geomagnetism Program Sean Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, PingThings Inc. Adam Schultz, Orego… [more]
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Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to announce that abstract submission is now open for the AGU Chapman conference on Distributed Volcanism and Distributed Volcanic Hazards. The conference will be held in Flagstaff, Arizona, during March 16-20 and will include 3 days of meeting and a 2-day field trip to the Zuni-Bandera, Quemado, and Springerville volcanic fields of Arizona and New Mexico. Abstract deadline is November 20. Conference website:… [more]
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Broadband Sensor Direct Burial, Appropriate Uses, Results from Recent Experiments and Best PracticesDate/Time & Location Wednesday, October 9th from 11-12 PM in the Broadway Room 3/4 Conveners Christian Stanciu, University of Oregon Lara Wagner, Carnegie Institution for Science Abstract A short technical session with presentations on this important and enabling technique for conducting temporary broadband seismic studies both dense and monitoring efforts with minimal logistics. We will have… [more]
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James Foster
2019-10-04 11:42:24
Low-Cost Sensors A Special Interest Group at the 2019 SAGE/GAGE Workshop Conveners: James Foster, University of Hawaii ( John LaBrecque ( When: Thursday, October 10th from 5:30-6:30 PM Where: Galleria North room, Hilton Portland Downtown, Portland, OR The slow long-term reduction in price point for science-grade instrumentation has experienced a dramatic surge in recent years, driven partly by the recognition that large volumes of relati… [more]
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SIG: Preparing for future controlled-source seismic experiments that will use thousands of nodal seismometers Thursday, Oct 10, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm Broadway 3-4 Rooms Conveners: David Okaya, University of Southern California Beatrice Magnani, Southern Methodist University Marianne Karplus, University of Texas at El Paso Description: Within a few years controlled-source seismic experiments will be able to use a PASSCAL pool of one-to-a-few thousand seismic node instruments, with a related t… [more]
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Justin Sweet
2019-10-03 09:36:35
Please join us for an hour-long virtual breakout session to learn about and discuss hydrosphere/cryosphere geohazards, related science objectives, and instrumentation/methods used to study these hazards. When: Thursday, October 3rd @ 2pm ET Host: Victor Tsai, Brown University Invited speakers: Toshiro Tanimoto, Bradley Lipovsky, Danica Roth To join the breakout, please register using this link: IRIS has hosted a series of virtual … [more]
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Andrew Newman
2019-10-02 13:07:27
Seafloor Geodesy as a Community Resource Date/Time & Location Wednesday, October 9th from 11-12 PM in the Galleria South Room Conveners Noel Bartlow, UC-Berkeley David Schmidt, Univ. of Washington Andrew Newman, Georgia Tech Abstract The community has identified seafloor geodesy as a desirable resource to study dynamic offshore geological processes. This SIG will explore what seafloor geodetic instruments, including GNSS-Acoustic and seafloor pressure, and methodologi… [more]
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A reminder of a SIG we'd appreciate your attendance and participation in at the 2019 SAGE/GAGE Workshop in Portland, OR. SAGE/GAGE Common Data Access Point (CDAP) Date/Time & Location Thursday, October 10th from 5:30-6:30 PM in the Broadway Room 1/2 Conveners David Phillips, UNAVCO Rob Casey, IRIS Abstract IRIS and UNAVCO are exploring the development of a single data access point for seismic and geodetic data users. The access point would allow users to obtain both seismic and geodetic … [more]
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*Updating Design Goals for the Global Seismographic Network (GSN) to Enable New Discoveries* *Date/Time & Location* Thursday, October 10th from 10:30-12 PM in the Galleria North Room *Conveners* Katrin Hafner, IRIS Peter Davis, University of California - San Diego Dave Wilson, USGS Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory *Description* The GSN is in the process of updating the network’s design goals last revised in 2002.  Community input in this process is essential.  To that end, this wil… [more]
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Kasey Aderhold
2019-10-01 11:02:14
Hello to all EarthScope Synthesis Workshop organizers and participants, As part of the SAGE/GAGE workshop held this fall in Portland, Oregon, we are organizing a special interest group meeting on the EarthScope synthesis workshops. This will serve as a space for representatives from the workshops to briefly present and discuss results, and also to promote any future opportunities to get involved in each topic covered. If you would be interested in presenting on behalf of your workshop(s) or wo… [more]
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