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syngine On demand custom 3D AxiSEM synthetic seismograms

The Synthetics Engine (Syngine) service provides access to custom tailored synthetic seismograms.

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ESEC Exotic Seismic Events Catalog

ESEC is a compilation of data on non-earthquake seismic sources such as landslides, debris flows, dam collapses, floods, and avalanches that generate seismic signals but are rarely included in common earthquake catalogs. This catalog is designed to allow new entries as information regarding new recent and historic events becomes available. We strongly encourage contributions to ESEC catalog. If you are interested in becoming a contributor to this catalog, please see the ESEC Event Contribution Guidelines.

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EARS EarthScope Automated Receiver Survey

The EarthScope Automated Receiver Survey (EARS) calculates bulk crustal properties of IRIS stations using receiver functions. Originally developed at the University of South Carolina, EARS continuously monitors for new events and stations updating the database when new candidate data are found.

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EnvelopeFunctions Continuous envelope functions

A collection of continuous envelope functions to search for tectonic tremor and for data quality analysis. Envelope functions are computed automatically by the Earth and Space Sciences Department of the University of Washington utilizing selected portions of the IRIS DMC waveform archive and are distributed by the IRIS DMC.

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MomentTensor Centroid Moment Tensors

Global Centroid-Moment-Tensors from the GCMT project at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory are available through SPUD within minutes after their publication. Initial quick-CMT solutions are shown and are later updated to GCMT solutions when updates arrive.

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EMTF Magnetotelluric Transfer Functions

USArray magnetotelluric transfer functions calculated from USArray MT stations by Oregon State University are available from the SPUD EMTF repository in both XML and EDI format and also directly from the DMC’s website in the EDI format.

An XML format for electromagnetic transfer functions and related conversion software was developed by OSU with funding from IRIS. The software and documentation is available in the SeisCode EMTF-FCU project.

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Noise Toolkit The IRIS DMC Noise Toolkit

The IRIS DMC Noise Toolkit is a collection of 3 open-source Python script bundles for:

  1. Computing Power Spectral Densities (PSD) of waveform data
  2. Performing microseism energy computations from PSDs
  3. Performing frequency dependent polarization analysis of seismograms

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EventBulletins Event Bulletins

The DMC archives phase arrivals from the USArray Array Network Facility in addition to other DMS sources. The event bullentins are added to the DMC’s event tables, making them available via the standard event query interfaces. The original submissions are also available as products.

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FilmChip The USGS WWFC Pilot Scanning Project

Results of a pilot project whereby WWSSN seismic records, originally recorded on film, were digitized.

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