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We invite applications from graduate students, postdocs and early-career scientists to participate in an NSF-funded seismic research experiment aboard the R/V Marcus G. Langseth focused on the Emperor seamount chain. This project will involve the collection of 2D multi-channel seismic reflection data and wide-angle reflection/refraction data along two main transects across and along the Emperor seamount chain to constrain the composition, volume and distribution of magmatic addition beneath the… [more]
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Lorraine Hwang
2019-02-07 06:31:52
2019 February 6 Dear Community, We are pleased to announce that nominations for speakers for the 2019-2020 CIG Speakers Series are now open. The CIG Speakers Series seeks to promote computational modeling in geodynamics and related earth science disciplines. Speakers are drawn from a diverse pool of experts with exceptional capability to communicate the power of computation for understanding the dynamic forces that shape the surface and operate in the interior of our planet. Lectures are aime… [more]
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Final Reminder: Call for Participation – PacificArray OBS Recovery Cruise (May-June 2019) Application Deadline: Feb 11, 2019 Cruise dates: May 6 – June 7, 2019 (flexibility of ±5 days required) PIs: Jim Gaherty, Zach Eilon, Don Forsyth, Göran Ekström Science Party: up to 6 We are soliciting apply-to-sail participants for the RV Kilo Moana ocean-bottom seismograph (OBS) recovery cruise, part of the international PacificArray initiative to install OBS arrays across the Pacific plate. We will… [more]
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