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Active Message Threads for November 2005

Robert Casey
2005-11-11 22:02:29
Hi Carlos ( > Did you read ac_new[1].dat using the RA command in a linux version of > SAC?. No, I performed this operation on a Mac. > Before I tried your scheme, I just tried to read the file you created > using RA > and SAC responds with "WARNING: Trouble reading line. Skipping ... > (list of 5 > column data points)"; one message per row of data points, and after it > finishes > with the warning messages it states "Segmentation fault" and proceeds > to kic… [more]
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Shang-Lin Chen
2005-11-08 23:38:32 - 2005-11-11 01:19:50
Hello, I am working on an external module for the Mac version of SAC2000 that will let users interact with another program through the SAC interface, and I'm having trouble getting it to load. Because the version of gcc on the Mac I used to test this doesn't support the --shared option, I used this command to compile the module: libtool -o stp_read.o stp_int.o stp_int_sac.o was compiled without any errors, but I couldn't get SAC2000 to load it. I entered setenv SAC… [more]
Brian Savage
2005-11-04 19:28:26
All, Following a few email to the sac-help list I have set up a SAC Code Repository for codes related to or use SAC. Included will be Useful Macros, Shell Scripts, and compiled language codes using the sacio.a library. It is rather bare at the moment, so I call on you to help populate it with useful scripts and codes you would like to share with the community. Email me or this list with examples you would like included. Cheers, Brian Savag… [more]
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2005-11-03 19:34:30 - 2005-11-04 18:12:29
Hello, I'm generating synthetic earthquakes composed of about 4100 acceleration points at 0.012 sec intervals using another program and I want to use double integration within SAC to generate displacement time series. I've tried generating the corresponding ALPHA file for SAC and I'm having problems. Specifically, SAC seems to try to read 5 acc pts at once and I'm creating the data input in a column format. For example, see below: Acc pts in column format: 12 23 34 35 11 SAC reads them like… [more]
Matthhew R. Agius
2005-10-27 18:53:14 - 2005-11-01 22:18:00
Hi everyone, I am a masters student and would like to set up a C program which communicate with SAC (to make use of it libraries suchas filtering etc..) I have been gooing through many web pages which give some source code which i tried. I have the sacio.a file. do i need to extract the files within it or leave it as is?? can please someone foward me a simple C source code which make use of some SAC funcition? I hope i get some response :) Matthew
21:41:29 v.ad6b513c