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Active Message Threads for March 2006

2006-03-29 19:10:49
Hi everyone, Recently I had to re install Linux (red hat 9) and of course then had to go through reinstalling several programs. Seiscomp and SAC worked fine but I have a problem with Rdseed. I downloaded the latest version of RDSEED from IRIS and followed readme file for installation. I am encountering the following error: WARNING (process_volh): unknown blockette type 8 found in record 1. Execution continuing. What did i leave out? do i need to io file? Matthew Agius ____________… [more]
Arthur Snoke
2006-03-18 06:37:43 - 2006-03-22 02:00:00
I do not use the SAC transfer function myself, but someone on the sac-help list might be able to make suggestions. If it is not a simple syntax problem, it would be useful to know the version you are using and the operating system. On Fri, 17 Mar 2006, Antonio E. Cameron González wrote: > Dear Arthur: > > I am master student working with Dr. Victor Huerfano from the Puerto > Rico Seismic Network. He told me that you have been working a lot using > the SAC program as well as me on my the… [more]
Jim Lawson
2006-03-19 06:19:24 - 2006-03-21 19:45:12
I had similar problems with transfer, until I realized that whatever version I used none did NOT mean no seismometer=earth motion. I think "none" refers to some kind of generic displacement transducer. I will try to rediscover the syntax I used in going from CMG-3 and CMG-1 to earth motion. The transform apparently succeeded. My syntax definitaly did not include the word "none" Jim Lawson OK geol. survey Leonard
Antonio E.=?ISO-8859-1?Q?_Cameron_Gonz=E1lez?=
2006-03-18 04:38:35
To may who concern: When a try to remove the instrument response of a CMG-3ESP sensor using the SAC command: transfer from polezero s $sta.$cmp.$resp to none, the SAC program didn't remove the response and it says an ERROR 1. What means exactly that error? Thanks, Antonio -- Antonio E. Cameron-González Geologist Puerto Rico Seismic Network PO Box 9017 Mayagüez, PR 00681-9017 Tel: 787-833-8433, 787-265-5452 Fax: 787-265-1684
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Shutian Ma
2006-03-16 19:19:34
Hello, When we use radial and tangential components we need to convert E-W and N-S components. If the lengths or sample numbers NPTS in E-W and N-S components are not the same, sac2000 refuses to work. Could you possibly tell me how to deal with this case? In a directory, there are many records from many stations. At some stations only E-W componets or N-S components exist. In this case if we want to rotate, sac2000 also refuses to work. Could possibly tell me how to deal with this case? I … [more]
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Ekrem Zor
2006-03-10 19:26:44
Hi everyone, Does anyone knows how to undefine NWFID header variable? Manual says it can not be changed using chnhdr to maintain internal consistency. But, I need to remove from the header. Thanks for the help, Ekrem
Arthur Snoke
2006-03-09 01:45:00 - 2006-03-10 17:38:05
I am trying to port (fortran) programs using sacio from sun solaris to both the mac and linux. Things seem to work on linux, but not on the mac. Hopefully someone has some insights to share. OS 10.4.5 gcc 4 g77 (but not built for gcc 4). sacio.a built on February 18 this year. Simple program: PROGRAM RSAC PARAMETER (MAX=1000) DIMENSION YARRAY(MAX) CHARACTER*10 KNAME KNAME='FILE1' CALL RSAC1(KNAME,YARRAY,NLEN,BEG,DEL,MAX,NERR) s… [more]
Arthur Snoke
2006-03-02 22:54:41
Tim Knight of IRIS writes ... The PLOTPKTABLE has been appended to the end of the PLOTPK file in the SAC manual <>
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John Cassidy
2006-03-01 22:46:23 - 2006-03-02 16:22:28
Question: In the older versions of sac, there was a "PK" commant that provided a cursor. To find the time and amplitude of the cursor position, all one had to do was type a question mark (?). Is there a similar feature in SAC2000?? Using plotpk I cannot find any way to show the cursor position (amplitude and time)? Thanks, John.
Arthur Snoke
2006-03-02 03:08:12
Glad to help. I am sharing this with the rest of the list in case others wondered -- or knew the answer. I have a bunch of options written down for ppk, but when I just looked at the online manual under plotpk I could not find that list. The help ppk promises a "table on the next page" but I do not know how to find it online. The table is, however, in the printed manual. Is it online anywhere? If it is not in text form somewhere, I suppose I could scan it in. (My printed manual is … [more]
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