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Active Message Threads for January 2007

Maria Silveira
2007-01-26 21:29:48
Dear all, I'm using the SSS SAC subprocess to stack files. The files I stack have the same header, because they are obtained by noise cross-correlation between stations pairs. Therefore, I would like to keep the entire header in the sum file. Is that possible to use a simple SAC command to do it, without passing trough macros that I can write myself. Thanks Maria Silveira
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George Randall
2007-01-26 21:18:55
The details of a specific response file (Station, Network, Channel, Location code and time period) would be helpful. I think that SAC uses evalresp code that may not have been updated in some years. I don't know if a more recent evalresp source code could be substituted or if its no longer being maintained now the jevalresp is being maintained. As the Seed RESP file format evolves, evalresp needs to be updated and added to SAC to keep it functional. >Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 20:12:21 +0000 … [more]
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Eoin Haugh
2007-01-25 04:12:21
Hi, I'm trying to use 'evalresp' on some data with a transfer function coefficient of type B in the 'Response (Coefficients)'. When I try to do so I get an error message of the following form: EVRESP ERROR () parse_coeff; parsing(FIR_ASYM), unexpected filter type('B'), skipping to next response now The output file that results gives a blank trace. I have found, just through messing about with it, that changing the 'B' to a 'D' in the RESP file removes the error message, and giv… [more]
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2007-01-24 16:26:38 - 2007-01-24 17:40:10
Hello all: I just joined the list, but have been a SAC user for a long time. I have installed SAC2000 and use it along with my Fortran programs to do several tasks. The problem is that I am worry SAC2000 will only work in 32bit machines and my lab will soon migrate to 64bit ones. Is there a binary for the 64bit computers which I could get right now? I asked the author of SAC about that and he asked me to post this question in this forum. Hope you can help me. Aaron
2007-01-18 06:11:57
Hi i have used SYNCH command(then writing the header with WH command or W OVER) before cutting the data file and then do FFT AMPH and writing the Amplitude file then perform some operation on 2 Amplitude file. and then i wanna add 2 files togother and taking the SQRT and Saving the file again. but, actually in the Midd of my operation(while i'm adding the 2 file togother) I DO have the same error messege for header mismatch..!! DOES ANY ONE KNOWS WHY IS THAT..? EVEN MY ORIG… [more]
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2007-01-18 05:08:57
Hi does any one explain to me why i'm having this problem in sac..? i appreciate it... thank you Talal ================================================================ SAC> r IBR013-1.sac IBR013-2.sac SAC> cut t0 0 t0 4 SAC> fft amph DC level after DFT is 478.82 DC level after DFT is 258.77 SAC> wsp am IBR013-1 IBR013-2 SAC> r SAC> sqr SAC> addf ERROR 1801: Header field mismatch: SAC> binoperr n w SAC> addf … [more]
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Shuo Ma
2007-01-17 05:33:26
Does anyone know if SAC (release 100) works on Intel Macs? Thanks, Shuo
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2007-01-17 03:10:36
Dear sir try to synchronize the data before the fft. So use synch and wh to save the header.
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Shuo Ma
2007-01-16 23:34:59
I was trying to extract the SAC file (*.tgz) IRIS sent me and install SAC on my MacBook Pro. However, two ways to extract files they suggest in the email didn't work. Here are the error messages: hr-shuoma-1158617981:/Applications shuoma$ tar zxvf 05Mar01.sac.bin.darwin.tgz gzip: stdin: not in gzip format tar: Child returned status 1 tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors hr-shuoma-1158617981:/Applications shuoma$ gzip -d -c 05Mar01.sac.bin.darwin.tgz | tar -xf - gzip:… [more]
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2007-01-16 13:43:50
sorry, i have attached the wrong header file. Now, the correct file..! Talal Merghelani <> wrote: Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 05:36:43 -0800 (PST) From: Talal Merghelani <> Subject: Header field mismatch..!! To: SAC HELP <> CC: Talal Merghelani <> hi i'm adding spectral amplitude file1(EW) with spectral amplitude file2(NS) using the ADDF command. some times i successed and some time a got this error m… [more]
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2007-01-16 13:36:43
hi i'm adding spectral amplitude file1(EW) with spectral amplitude file2(NS) using the ADDF command. some times i successed and some time a got this error messege: ================================================================== WARNING: Time overlap: BEG1: OCT 18 (291), 2006 07:53:48.440 BEG2: OCT 18 (291), 2006 07:53:34.000 ERROR 1801: Header field mismatch: =================================================================… [more]
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