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Active Message Threads for July 2018

claudia pavez
2018-07-30 08:40:46 - 2018-07-30 16:52:20
Dear SAC users: I am trying to install SAC on Mac 10.13.5. Everything it's ok until the make step, when I am having problems. The error is in red. I will appreciate some help! Regards, Claudia Pavez *strlcat.c:45:1: **error: **expected parameter declarator* strlcat(char *dst, const char *src, size_t siz) *^* */usr/include/secure/_string.h:115:47: note: *expanded from macro 'strlcat' __builtin___strlcat_chk (dest, __VA_ARGS__, __darwin_obs... * … [more]
sanjay Singh Negi
2018-07-29 19:52:59
Dear SAC users, I am using the code sac2mseed to convert my sac files to miniseed format. The SAC file perfectly opens under SAC. But the converted file seems to be empty. Hereby I am the code sac2mseed and the sac file. Any help? Thank you. Regards Sanjay -- Sanjay Singh Negi Alternate Email: Contact No.- +91-9536145596
21:43:58 v.22510d55