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Active Message Threads for March 2018

Alessandro Todrani
2018-03-28 21:55:49
Hi, i'm a master's student in Seismology and i need you help, if there is possible. I'm writing you because i have required SAC program on IRIS platform so i can start my master's degree thesis on seismogramm and seismic analysis. I have some installation problems, because i have windows 10 with a Virtual Box. In a virtual box i have installed Ubuntu 17.01. Do you have an installation guide for install Sac directly on Virtual Box installed on windows 10, or an installation guide for put SAC o… [more]
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2018-03-22 20:15:55
Dear SAC-help, I tried to use PHP to read a SAC data, it depended on the format which described on the website(Using SAC), but always response some error data, the response data is different from SAC software. Did you have any experiences about use PHP to get SAC data ? I guessed I misunderstood the SAC format or I used some error PHP functions to read data( unpack etc., ) . Could you give me some hint about the exactly SAC format or programming solution ? Sincerely yours, Shu-Jane … [more]
2014-05-06 17:27:27 - 2018-03-22 13:31:09
I have downloaded data in PASSCAL SEGY format, one file per channel. However, when I try to read in one of the files with the command 'read SEGY {filename}, , I receive an error message "ERROR 1340: data points outside allowed range contained in file {file name}". What does this mean and how do I read this data in? Douglas R. Baumgardt ________________________________ The information contained in this email message is intended only for the use of the individual(s) to whom it is addressed an… [more]
Neche Veyssal
2018-03-19 03:45:15 - 2018-03-20 17:43:44
Dear SAC users, When setting up the program I am not able to initialize environment or set up MATLAB. I tried to use Ubuntu (Linux) to set up sac as an admin, and everything sets up but it says ‘E: can’t find package sac’. However, I have downloaded the file and followed the steps and it works with my system. What can I do to fix this issue? Sent from Mail for Windows 10
Felipe Almeida
2018-03-14 20:49:44 - 2018-03-15 02:09:23
Hi, I'm having a problem using the zoom on the sac. When I press the x button to zoom in, the command continues to run continuously, and the screen begins to flash. Can you help me? -- Felipe Pereira de Almeida. Meteorologista/Geofísico. Veracruz, Soluções Geofísicas e Geológicas Ltda. 11 2339-4853
Sachin Tiwari
2018-03-13 03:07:18 - 2018-03-13 20:02:33
Hi Sac Users, I need some help. I have three components r, t and z, and SAC macro mtrf file. When I am running that SAC macro then such type of error coming. SAC> m mtrf file efam.syn comps r t z phase P efam.syn.r efam.syn.t efam.syn.z Unexpected character: if (abs(90 - %temp%)) lt 1 ^ ERROR 1016: Terminating execution of macro mtrf Command line is: if (abs(90 - %temp%)) lt 1 Here, below i have attached those three components r, t and z, and that SAC ma… [more]
2018-03-13 04:54:44 - 2018-03-13 05:04:04
Hello,We have waveform records in SAC format and instrument files. We need AH format for a program.Some of you may keep SAC2AH program (Linux version, or source code). Could you possibly provide us one copy? Thanks in advance.Regards,Shutian
2018-03-11 23:26:50 - 2018-03-12 04:02:21
Hello,We have waveform records in SAC format and instrument files. We need seed format for a program.Could you possibly tell us how to convert SAC files to seed files? Thanks in advance.Regards,Shutian
rekik dhouha
2018-03-06 08:39:22 - 2018-03-09 03:41:48
Can anyone help me in generating a H-K stack plot(Zhu and Kanamori) to compute poisson ratio Vp/Vs from teleseismic receiver functions? Is there any routine on SAC with linux to do it?
2018-03-06 22:37:32 - 2018-03-08 02:08:26
Dear: In the SAC manual, you mention that within the SPE subprocess, the PDS, MLM, and MEM "calculate the spectral estimate..." Is the name "spectral estimate" the same as "power spectrum"? -- Aaron
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