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Active Message Threads for March 2016

Abhash Kumar
2016-03-25 23:15:51 - 2016-03-26 21:44:32
Hi, I am using "readsp" and "divf" to divide two amplitude spectral files as shown below and getting error message: SAC> readsp SAC> divf ERROR 1307: Illegal operation on spectral file When I use read command instead of readsp and take output of the divison to a third file, I don't get error, but the third file is not a amplitude spectrum file rather a X and Y file: SAC> read 2012.156.10.37.GRE… [more]
2016-03-10 00:57:30 - 2016-03-21 14:52:46
Hi, Honestly I'am a new Linux user and I had several problem about installing SAC in my computer. My computer using Linux mint (64 bit), and I have been following the installation instruction like the picture below when installing file sac-101.6a-linux_x86_64.tar.gz And, when I try to running sac, the output still the same like this : Can you give me the solution for this? Thank you for your attention
Abhash Kumar
2016-03-17 23:02:59 - 2016-03-18 17:07:03
Hi, I used SAC transfer function to remove the instrument response to get the actual measure of ground velocity from raw voltage count as below: SAC> r 2012.156.10.33.GREEN.EHE.SAC SAC> ch LOVROK TRUE (raw sac file has false, so I first changed it to make the file over-writable) SAC> wh SAC> rtr SAC> taper SAC> TRANS FROM EVALRESP FNAME RESP.GC.GREEN..EHE TO VEL FREQLIM 1 3 20 50 SAC> wh SAC> exit I checked the header of sac file after removing the response and now the IDEP is velocity i… [more]
Abhash Kumar
2016-03-07 18:30:24 - 2016-03-08 02:18:11
Hi, I have SAC files (attached example) and the waveform look like velocity signal, but the sac header shows the physical unit of displacement in nanometer (with IDEP=6). This discrepancy is perhaps due to extracting the sac files directly from the miniseed file that does not contain any information about the physical unit. I am wondering to use "Transfer" function of sac to remove the instrument response and get the real ground velocity (nanometer/second). I have the response file (attached… [more]
Edgar Paz
2016-02-19 23:29:44 - 2016-03-02 17:46:45
Hi, everyone! I'm working on a local magnitude scale and I need to convert data (which is in meters) to Wood-Anderson. I'm not sure if the parameters in transfer for Wood-Anderson (you know, when you write "transfer from none to wa") are set to nanometers, so when I read amplitudes I don't know if they're shown in meters or nanometers. Or maybe I should change my data in meters to nanometers just before using "transfer from none to wa"? Also, do you know how to find "src" to modify wa.c? I can'… [more]
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