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Active Message Threads for October 2008

Domenico Di Giacomo
2008-10-30 17:04:05
Hi SAC users, I am writing a simple script to remove the instrument response by using SAC (Version 101.2). When I was testing the SAC's transfer command, I got this message: SAC> r 2006.319. SAC> transfer from evalresp Extracting evresp response for ULHL, BHZ... Station (ULHL ), Channel (BHZ ) Waveform multiplied by 1.000000 after deconvolution. The SCALE field is properly set in the SAC header, but for some reason the waveform is multipl… [more]
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Anne Deschamps
2008-10-26 05:18:20
Hi I would like to use the type evalresp to compute the signal corrected from the instrumental response (files provided by rdseed). What is the IDEP value which should be insered in the header to say that I have raw data? Presently in my data IDEP is not defined I have accelerometric data. What is the result on accelerometric data of the command transfer from evalresp to none What is the result of transfer from evalresp to acc the amplitudes are different (even after removing the high fr… [more]
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Ching-Wen Chen
2008-10-21 22:14:23
Dear All, I am writing an instrument response correction script. I set stations' name and event seperately. It works for "read" in SAC, but not for trans polezero. Any suggestion on this one? Thank your for your time and effort. -- set STA = "GAC" set EVENT = "200411150906" set YYYY = "2004" set DISN = `cat stadis | grep $STA | awk '{ print $4 }'` set STANUM = `cat stadis | grep $STA | awk '{ print $2}'` /bin/cp 20*.$STA..BHZ.D.SAC D$DISN.$STANUM.$STA.Z if (-e D$DISN.$STANUM.$STA.Z ) then… [more]
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2008-10-15 20:22:25
Hello, I'm trying to install SAC in my Linux machine (Fedora9). I have problem when I run the SAC command. If anyone has had any similar problems installing, I would be grateful for advice. My Linux machine's performance and the result like shown below: CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R)4 3.06GHz OS: Fedora9 (kernel Memory: 1GB HDD: 80GB Error message: *** glibc detected *** sac: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x08fb4640 *** ======= Backtrace: ========= /lib/[0x578596] /lib… [more]
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2008-10-11 00:48:57 - 2008-10-11 13:09:50
Hello, I'm trying to install SAC in my MacBook (OSX 10.5), I have problem after I run the configure (./configure) when I type 'make', the result like shown below: Making all in libedit make[1]: Nothing to be done for `all'. Making all in utils make[1]: Nothing to be done for `all'. Making all in src gcc -I../inc -I../libedit/include -o sac main/sac.o -L. libsac_all.a libevalresp.a libSMnonOracleFuncs.a libSacOracleStubFuncs.a -lX11 ../libedit/lib/libedit.a -ldl -lm -lncurses ld: lib… [more]
Bob Hancock
2008-10-09 05:51:12 - 2008-10-09 21:55:13
I copied the Do Loop macro for particle motion plots from the Do Loop Examples contained in the MACRO Section of the SAC Manual, and have found a problem ­ See Macro followed by explanation below: READ ABC SETBB TIME1 0 DO TIME2 FROM 2 TO 10 BY 2 XLIM %TIME1 $TIME2 TITLE 'Particle Motion from %TIME1 to $TIME2$' PLOTPM SETBB TIME1 $TIME2 ENDDO There are four variables in the macro Time1 ­ The starting value for XLIM Time2 ­ The ending value for XLIM Upper limit of macro processing Increm… [more]
Val Zimmer
2008-10-07 20:35:54 - 2008-10-08 07:19:21
Hello SAC users, I have a dataset from a station that was NOT placed perfectly level - e.g. the sensor was placed on a ledge that had a little bit of tilt, such that Z is not perfectly up/down, and N + E have some down or upward component in the data. I'm now trying to analyze that data, but have yet to find a good definition of cmpinc in the manual (all it says is "Component incident angle (degrees from vertical)"). CMPINC has no inherent orientation (like CMPAZ, from north, and look… [more]
Olga-Joan Ktenidou
2008-10-01 20:09:22
dear all, just wondering if anyone had come across a way to calculate response spectra through sac.. any help/suggestion much appreciated! thanks, olga ---- Olga-Joan Ktenidou Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Department of Civil Engineering Lab. of Soil Mechanics, Foundation Eng. & Geotechnical Earthquake Eng.
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