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Active Message Threads for January 2011

George Sand França
2011-01-31 16:09:24
Dear sierra For update Azimuth and distance (DIST and GCARC) you need to change evdp, too! cheers Prof. George Sand L. A. de França Observatório Sismológico Universidade de Brasília SG 13 Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro 70910-900 55 61 33404055 55 61 93033829 (pessoal) "Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic. " escreveu: > Sen… [more]
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Shahar Barak
2011-01-29 18:38:30
> Dear sir/madam, > > I am trying to sort traces by distance. > I found a "sort" command in the user guide which seems to allow to sort > files according to a header field: > > > However, when I use it I get: "ERROR 1106: Not a valid SAC command" > > Thanks, > > Shahar Barak > > -- > Shahar Barak > ======================================= > *Department of Geophysics, Stanford University* > Mitchell Building , 397 Panama Mall, Stanford CA 94305-… [more]
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Fatih Sevim
2011-01-25 00:52:24
Hi, I have a pole zero files to avoid instrument response from signal and I use the command like " transfer from polezero subtype pz_file ". Is this the true way to obtain signal which doesn't include instrument response. Or I must add " to vel " end of the command line ? Best regards, Fatih.
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Sheila Peacock
2011-01-24 23:12:23
To remove the instrument response completely you need "to none" at the end of the "transfer" command. You might need to use "freqlimits" in your "transfer" command to limit the low-frequency part of the signal; and I have always found it necessary to run "rmean", "rtrend" and "taper" on a seismogram before attempting to remove the instrument response. Sheila Peacock Blacknest. -------- Original Message -------- Subject: [SAC-HELP] transfer command Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 16:52:24 +0200 Fro… [more]
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Sierra Boyd
2011-01-21 02:43:01
Hello, I have a question about the number of poles for a Butterworth filter when there are 2 passes. When n, the number of poles, is not specified, is the default value of 2 used? Does this mean there are 4 poles with 2 passes when n is not specified? Suppose n = 4 and p = 2. Are there 8 poles? Best regards, --Sierra
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Abhey Ram Bansal
2011-01-13 20:46:44
Recently I was installing SAC on my laptop running on UBUNTU but when I modified my ~/.bashrc file adding following two lines export SACHOME=/usr/local/sac source ${SACHOME}/bin/sacinit.csh and after saving the file. I run following command source ~/.bashrc the following error message come. No command 'setenv' found, did you mean: Command 'netenv' from package 'netenv' (universe) Could any one please help me sorting out the problem. Thanking you Abhey
Sierra Boyd
2011-01-13 05:24:52
Hello, I would like to know how to get the distance and azimuth of a station with respect to the hypocentral info, evla and evlo. I read in a sac file that came from IRIS. I then change the values of evla and evlo. I then listhdr inclusive to look at all the header values. The distance and azimuth are not updated. However I can get the distance and azimuth of a station with respect to an event when I download miniSEED data from another source and convert it to SAC format. I then change the v… [more]
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Alireza Alinaghi
2011-01-12 22:43:10
Hi I have been trying to use depmec in sac but after i saw matlab logo flashing by, I got the following error message in sac command window: *Allocating and filling Matlab workspace arrays... * *Copying to Matlab workspace ... * *Done.* *>> ??? Undefined function or variable 'sacdepmec'.* * * Could you please tell me what is the source of the problem and how i can fix it? I am using sac version 101.0 and matlab (7)R14 on Fedora 10 linux machine. Thank you in advance, Alireza
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Tim MacDonald
2011-01-06 18:25:39
I am having a problem getting cutim to work on the 101.4 release for Linux. I got a segmentation fault error when using cutim as follows: SAC> read * 2002. 2002. 2002. 2002. SAC> cutim 100 200 Segmentation fault I tracked the segmentation fault error to the gcCollect routine in gcCollect.c and made the following changes to the code: /* struct CSStree *… [more]
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Tsitsi Madziwa-Nussinov
2010-12-23 23:28:25 - 2011-01-05 18:56:02
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Sheila Peacock
2011-01-05 17:31:17
I had a go some time ago to understand the meaning of RESP files and wrote some notes, which follow. Please note that they might not be correct, or might be incorrect for data from other stations or instruments. I was trying to establish the relationship between the parameters in RESP files and the parameters in headers of IMS (GSE)-format data from the CTBTO International Data Centre. Sheila Peacock Blacknest. Meaning of numbers in rdseed RESP files Here is a sample rdseed RESP file, whic… [more]
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Hi, all, I want to know the meanings of each lines in the RESP.* files generated by RDSEED. Where can I find an instruction? Regards, Lee
maria manakou
2010-11-30 21:05:07 - 2011-01-04 23:00:50
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2011-01-01 04:27:22
Hi, all, Happy new year !!! I have a question about the amplitude ratios between two seismograms before and after removing the instrumental response. Assuming that zeros and poles of these two components (S1 and S2) are coincident, their normalization factors (A1 and A2) are different, and two seismograms after deconvolution of instrumental response are represented as S1_r and S2_r. So, do we have S1_r/S2_r = S1/S2 * A2/A1??? Regards, Lee
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