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Active Message Threads for May 2021

Sheila Peacock
2021-05-20 17:41:55 - 2021-05-21 08:07:41
Dear all, I extracted data from a SEED file with rdseed and told it to write the RESP files so I could deconvolve the instrument response. Many of the channels in the SEED file aren't seismic and their RESP files are not useful, but when I tested the response of one of the channels with an impulse, I got an error message as if the "transfer" subprogram had been reading from the wrong file: SAC> funcgen impulse npts 16384 delta 0.004 SAC> transfer to evalresp subtype RESP.DG.0385F.01.HHZ.good… [more]
Aqeel Abbas
2021-05-20 12:36:35
Dear All, I found lag time around 2 seconds for each day in my data by using cross correlation. 1: I modified the KZDATE and KZTIME based on lag time. 2: Later, when I want to compare arrival times for all stations in SAC for teleseismic event modifying header according to event time, (I modified the station files according to events info such as evla, evlo,evdp,kztime and kzdate) 3. But it gives the same arrival time for the corrected and original sac file. What is the possible wa… [more]
Neil Selby
2021-05-17 11:40:29 - 2021-05-17 12:24:03
Hello, I have noticed that in sac v102 various functions that were in libsacio.a are now in libmsg.a. I guess this means that we need to link programs to libmsg.a as well as libsacio.a, or is the expectation that users no longer need these routines in v102? To give a a specific example, the function sac_warning_off() is now in libmsg.a - is this function now defunct in v 102 or do I need to link to both libsacio.a and libmsg.a to use it? Is libmsg.a supplied in precompiled versions of sac or… [more]
Antef Nava
2021-05-12 20:33:50 - 2021-05-15 15:47:27
Hi everyone, I couldn't find anyone in this place having the same trouble as I am. I'm writing something like: SAC> r *.sac SAC> ppk and it gives me this output: ERROR 901: SAC programming logic error : Window resized during PPK Exiting from PPK because picks are inaccurate after resize. Window resizing must be done before entering PPK. I tried to resize the window before the ppk like in these examples: but it outpu… [more]
Alessio Lodato
2021-04-28 22:18:45 - 2021-05-12 20:21:13
Dear, i need to filter a signal derived from a seismometer (output in displacement) from the transfer function of the instrument. What is the procedure to be followed in SAC? Thank you in advance. Regards, AL
Guust Nolet
2021-05-04 08:07:29 - 2021-05-12 15:25:35
Dear all, I get an Error: -1 message using plot2 on files I wrote with wsac1. Does anyone know what it means? It does not seem to be limited to wsac1, for example: SAC> funcgen boxcar SAC> w dum1.sac SAC> funcgen sine SAC> w dum2.sac SAC> r dum1.sac dum2.sac SAC> p2 ERROR -1: I do not get this when I plot them separately: SAC> r dum1.sac SAC> p SAC> r dum2.sac SAC> p Guust Nolet
22:36:27 v.ad6b513c