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Active Message Threads for March 2009

Daniel Griscom
2009-03-31 03:13:58
[Trying to send this a third time... Dan] At 1:30 PM +0000 3/28/09, George Helffrich wrote: >On 28 Mar 2009, at 12:28, Daniel Griscom wrote: >>At 10:39 AM +0000 3/28/09, George Helffrich wrote: >>> 1) Undefined character values in the binary file should be >>>padded with blanks, not trailing zero characters, to their field >>>lengths (8 or 16 characters, as appropriate); >> >>Are you sure? The SACA example I have uses trailing nulls (which >>surprised me). > >Positive. The binary format is… [more]
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Mohamed Kamaleldin Abdel Galeil Salah
2009-03-31 02:03:27
Dear SAC users I am working on data from a list of seismic stations which have different types of sensors: CMG-40, CMG-3T-120s, CMG-3ESP, STS-1, and STS-2. I need to remove the instrument response from SAC files. I could get information on Poles and Zeros data. However, I could not find enough information about the normalizing factor and hence, how to calculate the CONSTANT value. If any one has information about the CONSTANT of these sensor types, I will appreciate it! Regards!
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Daniel Griscom
2009-03-28 04:44:59 - 2009-03-28 20:30:33
Dear Sirs/Madams, I'm the author of a free IRIS-supported Macintosh program called SeisMac, which uses Mac laptops' built in accelerometers to convert the laptops into (not very accurate) seismographs. You can find more about it at <>. I'm finishing off an update which will let you export selected data as a binary SAC or ascii SACA file. I think I've got it right (Global Earthquake Explorer successfully reads the SAC files), but I'd love to have… [more]
Mohammad Youssof Ahmed Soliman
2009-03-23 03:07:13
Hi all, Actually I tried many times to produce a polt for (BAZ vs Time )for the Receiver functions that I got but I could not. Could you help me to do that I am not using sac2000(to use Prof. Herman Package) but I am using sac(101.1)on linux 64bit machine. Thanks a lot with my best regards, Mohammad Youssof Mohammad Youssof PhD Candidate Geophysics Group University of Copenhagen Øster Voldgade 10 1350 København K Location: 03.1.381 Phone: +45 353-22460
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Amarjeet Jaiswal
2009-03-16 14:14:07 - 2009-03-16 16:03:09
Myself Amarjeet Kumar, a 3rd year student of the Department of Exploration Geophysics at IIT Kharagpur, India.I am very new user of SAC software, I have got one project based on SAC software.I requested for SAC software on IRIS..And I installed it on my laptop. I have ubuntu installed in my laptop. Whenever I am trying to execute DATAGEN commands, I am getting this message:- ERROR 131: sac/datagen directory not found. contact llnl for this data( <… [more]
2009-03-13 00:25:40
Dear Sir I have three questions about macros in the SAC: (1)In the example, particle motion plots are produced for five different two second time windows on the same data file: READ ABC SETBB TIME1 0 DO TIME2 FROM 2 TO 10 BY 2 XLIM %TIME1 $TIME2 TITLE 'Particle Motion from %TIME1 to $TIME2$' PLOTPM SETBB TIME1 $TIME2 ENDDO (Why is a dollar sign needed after TIME2 in the TITLE command?) (2)In the example, we need to calculate the tangent of an angle that has already been stored in the b… [more]
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Charlotte Rowe
2009-03-11 22:29:54
Hi, I'm new to the SAC help list so maybe this has been addressed elsewhere. I have obtained the latest Linux version and have carefully gone through all the setup instructions on my machine. Unfortunately I don't have administrative access to my own (institutional-owned) laptop so have had to put the SAC files into alternate directories and adjust the paths and environmental variables accordingly. When I invoke sac, all I get is a Floating Point Exception. I have put this same version of SA… [more]
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Zhouchuan Huang
2009-03-10 02:35:21
Hello, I have problem using "merge". I would like to read file names from another file and make it as variables. But it seems that the "merge" command needs a full name. e.g. I can read a file this way:* r 1997.123.*.sac*, it works well. but when I use merge: *merge 1997.123*.sac*, it returns the error: *Error 108: file does not exist*. So could you help me? Thank you very much! -- Zhouchuan Huang School of Earth Sciences and Engineering Nanjing University 22 Hankou Road Nanjing 21009… [more]
Alejandro Gallego
2009-03-05 18:24:42
Hi could you please tell me what means this error and how can I fix it. ERROR 0: Resulting error from shift exceeded tolerance (1e-6): 0.00025 Please report bug to: this occur when I am usgin plotpk, picking phases Thanks Alejandro
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I am trying to find a time history of displacements. Typically, I have found that sac files are acceleration time histories. It appears (based on the header - dependent variable) that there may be displacement data available. Does anyone know of any time vs. displacement data? Is there a quick way to narrow my data search to only displacement data? Thanks! Grant
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