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Active Message Threads for June 2007

Florian Duret
2007-06-26 22:05:04
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2007-06-26 02:02:29 - 2007-06-26 14:48:33
I just received the recent SAC version to run on my linux box (Fedora 6). I do have tar -z options, but was not able to install without errors. I also tried the gzip -d -c XXX.tgz | tar -xf - command and also received similar errors before installation (uncompressing) was complete. The error message is below. If anyone has had any similar problems installing on this system, I would be grateful for advice. Error message: -------------------------------------------------- .... .... sac/aux/...… [more]
Renate Hartog
2007-06-15 23:37:04
In version 100 I used to be able to concatenate blackboard variables as in the example below, but in version 101 it doesn't seem to work (see below). Is this a bug or was it intended this way and should I do it differently now? Thanks for any help, Renate PNSN/UW-Seattle SAC> setbb stat A05A SAC> setbb chan BHE SAC> getbb STAT = A05A SACERROR = FALSE NUMERROR = 0 SACNFILES = 0 CHAN = BHE SAC> setbb file %stat%.%chan% SAC> getbb STAT = A05A SACERROR = FALSE NUMERROR = 0 SA… [more]
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Dr Maath I Alomari
2007-06-08 17:13:52
> Dear All, > I am trying to remove the response from the waveform > I > downloaded from IRIS > my platform is GSAC Under CYGWIN, > > I did the following: > > 1.Downloaded RESP file for the station from > RESPONSES > folder of IRIS > 2. I used the following shells: > A. > #!/bin/sh > evalresp EIL BHZ 1996 200 .01 10.0 100 -f > RESP.GE.EIL..BHZ -u vel \ > -n GE -t 00:00:00 > > > sacevalr -DEMEAN True -TAPER True -FREQLIMITS 0.01 > .02 5.0 20.0 \ > -AMP AMP.GE.EIL..BHZ -PHA PHASE.GE.EIL… [more]
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2007-06-01 23:54:10
I'm trying to use the $KEYS option described on the SAC website under the User's Manual: SAC Macros section; however, I can't seem to get the command to work correctly. I call the macro using sac> macro macroname FILES filename STATS station_code where macroname is the name of the macro, filename is the sac file, and station_code is the 3 or 4 letter station code which is used to name an output file from the macro. The first line of the macro is $KEYS FILES STATS however, when I run the macro,… [more]
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