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Active Message Threads for October 2015
2015-10-28 13:53:57 - 2015-10-29 01:02:22
I want to pick a waveform file using hypo format. but sac does not write the pick times to the file and how can i add quality and u or d? Thanks
2015-10-28 03:12:48 - 2015-10-28 10:17:20
hi, when i have changed the path as the instruction tells, and then entered in sac, the terminal told me this : " dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/X11/lib/libSM.6.dylib Referenced from: /usr/local/sac/bin/sac Reason: image not found Trace/BPT trap: 5 " Could you please tell me what is wrong with it ? By the way, my computer is of OS 10.10.5, is it the reason why I cannot install it ? How can I fix it? Thank you so much !
tannistha maiti
2015-10-26 05:32:44 - 2015-10-26 16:15:30
Hello, I have requested SAC software linux version about 10 days back. I am worried as to why I did not get the software yet. I am a PhD student at Department of Geosciences , University of Calgary. Please help. Thanks, Tannistha
Dear colleague , I want to convert data from css 3.0 format into sac format using the SAC software. my data have .w and .wfdisc extensions .under the sac i taped the command readcss *.wfdisc and after reading the waveform i taped the command : w sac append . the converted data are saved into sac format . BUT the problem is when i plotted the converted data with the command p1 the signals look saturated and in their headers the variable SCALE is set to 4.+e4 the DEPMIN and the DEPMAX are… [more]
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Shahar Barak
2015-09-21 16:56:39 - 2015-10-12 17:31:44
Hi, I couldn't find in the Users Manual how to parse SAC ASCII files (write alpha). I see 30 header lines and 3 tail lines. In between I see 5 columns. Can anyone help me or point me to the right page in the manual? Thanks, Shahar
Sheila Peacock
2015-09-28 17:02:42 - 2015-10-02 21:30:03
I want to test the basic algorithms of another program that reads only CSS-format data from arrays. Hence I generated a set of impulses in SAC and tried to write them to a CSS-format file with "writecss". This failed with ERROR 1385: No worksets in memory. The traces look OK with "p1", which I assume means that they are "in memory". I tried to write the same set of impulses into an IMS (GSE) file with "writegse" (because I could convert this format to CSS with another program) but this cra… [more]
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