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Active Message Threads for December 2011

Sunil .
2011-12-25 21:12:55 - 2011-12-27 02:20:47
I am writing C code to read sac file. But what I have found that my out put sac file does not contain all the header information as to my input sac file. I am using wsac1 (kname, yarray, & npts, &beg, &del, &nerr, strlen( out )); to write it to the sac header. Did i am doing some wrong or probably my code is not complete. how to write the complete header information. my read (in) header info          NPTS = 35999    &nb… [more]
Sunil .
2011-12-23 18:30:12
Hi, I want to read and write the sac file in C program. As I want to do some basic operation like 3D rotation [LQT] and time shift. SAC file can be read in C by #include "sac.h", but I want to know how. I want to write the changes to header. Thanks for the help Sunil
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Carl Tape
2011-12-22 01:37:25 - 2011-12-22 23:26:42
Dear SAC-help: I just downloaded rdseedv5.1 and tried to extract waveforms, response, and PZ files for a file from IRIS. I got the error and behavior mentioned below by Anne Deschamps. I have sac 101.5 installed (though the pre-release version), with linux opensuse 11.3, 64-bit. I do know that it only happens if you ask to produce polezero files -- for waveforms or response files, no error. The exit looks like this: ... Writing IU.YSS.00.LHZ, 3600 samples (binary), starting 2004,361 00:55:5… [more]
Shahar Shani Kadmiel
2011-12-14 19:05:21
Hi, I get these error messages in the terminal while using SAC: gd4[17290] <Error>: kCGErrorInvalidConnection: CGSGetWindowTags: Invalid connection gd4[17290] <Error>: kCGErrorFailure: Set a breakpoint @ CGErrorBreakpoint() to catch errors as they are logged. I'm using Version 10.6f-grh107 on OS X 10.7.2 Shahar
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Alireza Alinaghi
2011-12-01 22:40:50
Dear Colleagues and Friends: With the new version of SAC 101.5, I have problems reading CSS files. I get the following error: *SAC> readcss 1523.wfdisc* *No wfdisc file(s) found in the specified directory* * ERROR 1301: No data files read in.* I must add that with the old versions of SAC I did not have this problem. Is this a bug? Thank you in advance. Alireza
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