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Active Message Threads for July 2006

2006-07-25 03:42:06
I'm a new user in Sac2000 and I had problems with ppk because I don't know where is created a file which are all the information for the picking of arrival times which I need. If You can help in this please I'll be so very grateful Thanks
Susan Bilek
2006-07-20 22:32:01
Hi - I'm trying to update an old fortran code for mac OSX that uses the libsacF.a library, but the mac fortran compiler does not like my version of the libsacF.a. I don't have the codes that make up that library - does anyone out there have an old version of sac that contains the libsacF.a library and codes? Thanks, Sue ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------- Susan Bilek Assistant Professor - Earth and Environmental Science Dept. New Mexic… [more]
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2006-07-07 17:32:07 - 2006-07-07 21:09:18
Hi, I'm trying to get a macro to kick off a shell script using the 'run... endrun' commands and not having any luck. Here's the test macro: RUN ./test_script ENDRUN and the shell script: #!/bin/csh echo in test script echo "in test script" >> test.out When I run the macro either from within sac (i.e. SAC> macro test_macro) or from the shell prompt (i.e. >sac test_macro), I get this error: sh: RUN: not found sh: ENDRUN: not found and no output to the test.out file. Test comma… [more]
Jonathan MacCarthy
2006-07-05 16:42:06
Hello, SAC users. I could use some advice about how to line up a group of traces while assigning picks. I've got 10 similar traces and I want to line them up on prelimary P picks so I can correct the bad ones, but "ppk rel p 10" lines traces up on "o". I can't find a way to change this or rewindow the data without destroying the files' "o" times. Does anyone know of a workaround? Thanks for your help! Best, Jonathan
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