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Sorry I did not see this earlier. It may not be useful to the original poster but I hope it can save time and grief for future users. I retired from employment in 2016. I have not been actively involved in receiver function research for many years. I wrote the codes beginning in the fall of 1984 and Prof. Charles Ammon has made them available on his Penn State website for many years. The codes were initially written to run on Prime computers using the SAC library. Over time the codes were port… [more]
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Crelia Padron
2023-06-12 09:48:27 - 2023-06-13 10:21:39
Hi, My name is Crelia. I am contacting you, because I have the problems with SAC 2020_Version 102.0. I couldn't register my picking file. In effect, I created my file "pick.txt" but It 's empty. "ohpf pick.txt ppk markall on bell off savelocs on wh" Thanks very much for your answer. Best regards, Crelia
07:19:16 v.f0c1234e