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Active Message Threads for June 2013

Stephane Drouet
2013-06-17 23:26:53 - 2013-06-18 22:26:26
Dear SAC users, I have a question about the header variable DIST. Aren't DIST, as well as AZ or BAZ, automatically computed once the event and station coordinates are set? I am using a python script to download sac data, and the script which sets some header information, as for instance event and station coordinates. For some reason, DIST is not computed for some of the files. Using "/saclst DIST f file.sac/" returns 0. However, if I start sac, read the file, write the header (wh) and c… [more]
Deshone L Marshall (dlmrshll)
2013-06-18 01:04:08 - 2013-06-18 01:18:06
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Kenneth Macpherson
2013-06-16 15:44:47
Hello! Kenneth Macpherson wha
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Mohit Agrawal
2013-06-14 22:05:12
Hello Everyone, I am using rdseed for extracting sac files but every time it is being killed each time. Anybody knows why it is happening so ? Some top and bottom lines of the terminal output are given below. [mohit@bruin Data]$ rdseed << IRIS SEED Reader, Release 5.2 >> Input File (/dev/nrst0) or 'Quit' to Exit: seed_gumbo.112055.seed Output File (stdout) : Volume # [(1)-N] : Options [acCsSpRtde] : d Summary file (None) : X4.summary.summary Output Format [(1=SAC), 2=AH, 3… [more]
Mohit Agrawal
2013-06-11 16:54:59
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2013-06-11 12:00:48
Hello dear I am M. Zafar Iqbal from Pakistan. I have a problem that when i convert the files from gcf format to sac then station information is included while i need just raw data so that i can work on it. How I can check that which type of sac file is converted so that i can convert it into sac ascii. One more thing is that when i convert these into sac ascii then sac can not read these files. Why it happening and how i can resolve this problem? Sent from Samsung Mobile
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Mohit Agrawal
2013-06-10 18:00:28 - 2013-06-10 19:32:18
Howdy Everyone, Just couple of days ago, I downloaded some data after making request through JWEED. But when extracted that downloaded SEED file, I found that there are no events information are stored in SAC headers. That might be because my breq_fast request file does not contain hypocenter and magnitude informations (like GCARC, EVLA, EVLO, EVDP, etc.) so that It can be loaded into sac headers. I looked into the website for putting hypocenter and ma… [more]
Abhash Kumar
2013-06-08 09:28:25
LinkedIn ------------ Abhash Kumar requested to add you as a connection on LinkedIn: ------------------------------------------ Sac Help, I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. - Abhash Accept invitation from Abhash Kumar… [more]
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